Hungary: Orban Calls Out Subversive Jew Soros

Daily Stormer
June 6, 2016

Yep: There's this Jew again.

Don’t listen to Orban. You can trust this Jew. Just keep your kids away from him. And your dog, just to be sure.

Some Jews just can’t stop Jewing. George Soros is one of them. He’s got an itch, you know? An itch to fund subversive NGO’s to destabilize foreign countries. He does it time and time again.

But it’s not the same.

He just can’t get the same high as he did with his first civil war. But George will keep on chasing the dragon nonetheless.

Times of Israel:

Budapest on Friday accused Hungarian-born US Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros of seeking to spark unrest in the country by financing groups critical of the right-wing government’s hardline migrant stance.

Soros is opposing the government… by supporting non-governmental groups which want to push back the Hungarian government’s position on the migration issue,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told national Kossuth radio.

But “the people don’t support the migrant policies of European governments, despite the financial support NGOs receive from George Soros who is trying to cause trouble,” he added.

You think it matters what “the people” support? This is democracy. Democracy means you do whatever the hell Jews want you to, and you don’t complain about it either. Sheesh, the gall of these goyim!

Around 300,000 migrants and refugees transited through Hungary last year on their way to wealthy European Union countries like Germany before Orban sealed off the southern borders with barbed wire fencing in the autumn and introduced tough anti-immigration laws.


First, they sealed the southern border. Then, they opened up Jew soap factories.

Since January, more than 13,400 have entered the country illegally despite the measures, according to official figures, as the bloc continues to grapple with its worst migration crisis since World War II.

Soros, who made a huge fortune from hedge funds before developing a philanthropic empire, last year called on the EU to “accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future.”

I truly don’t see how Europeans can be so heartless, that they wouldn’t want a paltry million terrorists entering their base every year for the next couple of decades. I mean, Soros is asking for so little, and yet these bigoted eastern Europeans are flipping out!

These hard working terrorists are good for the economy. They can also teach you workout tips.

A Budapest-born Jew, Soros fled to England during WWII before moving to New York in the 1950s.

From there, he began financing NGOs around the world, including dissident groups in the Soviet bloc during the late 1980s, which included Orban.

Since then, however, the two men have fallen out over their political views, with Orban today a close ally and admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ah, here is the problem it seems. As the west is crumbling under the pressure of Jewish predation, a new eastern bloc led by Russia is rising. And this new power is  not quite so much under the Jewish thumb as they would like.

Thus you have all these shady characters plotting to destabilize eastern European countries and bring them under the influence of the EU and NATO.

Orban, however, is trying to have his cake and eat it too, flirting with Putin while remaining within the EU. This charade can’t last forever. He will either have to grow a spine and start moving away from the corrupt communist EU, or make way for more radical forces in Hungary like Jobbik.