Hungary: Nigerian Chap Arrested for Strangling and Raping Hungarian Prostitute

Many prostitutes know better than to accept negro clients.

Those that do usually end up regretting it.

Voice of Europe:

A Nigerian national who was studying in Hungary has been arrested in Budapest for rape.

The Nigerian, identified as 22-year-old E. I. Joseph, has been accused of committing the sexual assault on Saturday.

According to a report published by the Hungarian police today, Joseph had responded to a Hungarian woman who was advertising sexual services online. They arranged to meet at her apartment in Budapest’s seventh district. Joseph went to her apartment on Saturday afternoon, but refused to pay for her services in advance as agreed. When the woman asked him to leave, he refused, then strangled the woman, raped her, and fled the scene. The police received a call from the woman at approximately 3 PM.

The police were able to identify Joseph using surveillance camera footage from the area. He was arrested in Budapest’s sixth district at approximately 6 PM, and today police released a video of Joseph being taken into custody (see below). Joseph has denied committing the crime.

According to the report, Joseph is studying at a university in Hungary and was staying in the country on a valid student visa. He is being detained and the police are investigating further. They are preparing a motion to formally charge him with the crime.