Hungary Looks to Shut Down NGOs Linked to Sadistic Billionaire Jew George Soros

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2016

George Soros may possibly be the most sadistic and evil Jew ever to live on the planet.

Hungary’s largest political party Fidesz is looking at shutting down organizations linked to the evil and sadistic billionaire Jew George Soros. A representative from Fidesz specifically cited Donald Trump’s election win as the reason why they are looking at doing this.


Any civil society group with funding from billionaire George Soros should be “swept out” of Hungary, a vice chairman of the ruling Fidesz party said on Tuesday.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been criticised at home and abroad for his crackdown on NGOs, which started in 2014, involved dozens of organisations, and lasted for more than a year. They uncovered no wrongdoing.

Orban has said civil society groups receive foreign money to “organise refugee streams and boost migration”.

Fidesz vice chairman Szilard Nemeth told a news conference, according to HirTV’s website, that Soros was “pushing global big capital and a related political correctness into Hungary” and NGOs he funded were meddling in politics.

“These organisations must be pushed back with all available tools, and I think they must be swept out, and now I believe the international conditions are right for this with the election of the new president (in the U.S.),” Nemeth said, according to a video posted on HirTV’s website.

Soros has been one of the key Jewish financiers behind the promotion of Cultural Marxism and the third world invasion of the West. He was a major financial backer of Hillary Clinton along with terrorist agitation groups like Black Lives Matter. His organizations also helped fund the violent revolution that overthrew the pro-Russian government in Ukraine. He’s nothing but a Jewish terrorist with lots of shekels.

Soros backed organizations were previously banned in Russia due to their involvement in subversive anti-Russian activities. It is good that we are seeing a European country consider a similar type of action against Soros. Considering his track record, every Soros political operation should be shut down around the world.

Ultimately, Soros himself should be arrested for high crimes. Every major political initiative he has pushed through his NGOs has been harmful to the nation state and the people that comprise it. In fact, it is a bit surprising that he hasn’t yet sought refuge in Israel. That’s how expansive his crimes are.

Most importantly, this story shows how much of an impact Trump’s election win has had across the world. There is now a much better political environment for other nation states to begin taking back their countries. It is doubtful that any of this talk would be happening if Clinton won. Let’s hope that these statements by Fidesz is the start of a major crack down on Soros and his political groups.