Hungary: Border Fence Turns Out to be “Super Effective”

Daily Stormer
June 9, 2016
haji wall battle

Fence, I choose you! Use remove kebab!

Lying Jews and communists keep saying that a wall won’t keep migrants out. But as it turns out, physical barriers seem to be pretty effective at stopping movement from one place to another.

Especially when you got guys with machine guns patrolling along the edge.

Tri-valley Dispatch:

It runs nearly 109 miles and stands 13 feet tall. Its sharp edges touch three countries.

The steel-wire fence that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ordered built last summer to block refugees from entering his country has accomplished its purpose, slowing the flow of border crossings to a trickle.

Wow, Trump’s wall sounds more appealing by the minute!


Build a wall, deport them all!

And despite widespread initial condemnation, Orbán set in motion a chain reaction across Europe as countries sought to cope with a seemingly endless stream of migrants. Fences have since been built in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia, while Hungary has extended its fence to Croatia and announced it will build another along its border with Romania.

Moreover, the European Union’s 30-year-old “Schengen” policy of passport free, borderless travel is under challenge; in addition to Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark all have instituted temporary border controls.

When did we put neo-Nazis in charge of all European countries? Don’t they know that we’re all the same, and that these migrants are good for the economy?

I. literally. can’t. even.

In a democracy, in a normal situation, there are certain rules for entering a country,” Hungary’s Justice Minister, László Trócsányi, said in an interview. “I don’t like barbed wire or borders, but unchecked, uncontrolled entry is not permissible. There are security issues, and we didn’t have any solutions and thousands were crossing.”

Asylum seekers now avoid the Hungarian boundary wall, where they face a phalanx of police, military patrols and coiled razor wire, all of which send a very clear message: Refugees are not welcome.

This isn’t rocket science. The migrant invasion is pretty much entirely composed of violent, low IQ undesirables with a bunch of terrorists mixed in. If you let them in, your base is finished. If you close your borders, build a wall and get guys with guns to defend your stuff, you stand a fighting chance.

Yet everyone who proposes this sensible course of action is labeled “crazy”.


Only someone totally insane would want to keep these people out

Maybe it’s time to stop listening to Jews?