Hungarian Village Outlaws Burqas, Mosques and Fag Propaganda

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2016

We’ll see about that.

A Hungarian Village is doing exactly what all of Europe immediately needs to do and should’ve done a long time ago.


The far-right mayor of a southern Hungarian village has banned the open expression of Islam, including the building of mosques and wearing of veils and headscarves, as well as the promotion of same-sex marriages.

In a post on Facebook, Laszlo Toroczkai, mayor of Asotthalom, a village near the Serbian border, outlined the proposals adopted by his council after a session on Wednesday.

All board members voted for the new rules, with only two abstentions.

Hopefully it doesn’t take long for more villages to follow suit. No sane white person should want this to be their future:

Merkel’s day will come

It’s certainly a slow process, however one village making it clear that they won’t be dictated to is exactly what is needed in order to show others that they don’t have to bow down and have their land taken over by refugees, out of fear of being labeled racists.

as the hijab, niqab and burqa, as well as the burkini.The measures that Toroczkai put in place include a ban on the construction of mosques and any other place of worship which undermines the Catholic Church, a ban on the muezzin’s traditional call to prayer, and a ban on all face coverings such


But Goyim… don’t you appreciate cultural enrichment?

Additionally, the ordinance also bans any kind of “public propaganda” which shows the institution of marriage being in any way other than “between a man and woman. This includes any public activity, performance, demonstrations, billboard, leaflet, or audio advertisement.”

The kikes have made it near impossible for children to understand that homosexuality is a mental disease, because they have crap-flooded western civilizations with as much pro-gay propaganda as possible, and are constantly bombarding everyone with the messages of love and acceptance.


Gentile, how do you know you’re not gay if you’ve never tried it?

Toroczkai is also the leader of the Sixty-Four Countries Youth Movement, a nationalist group seeking to reclaim lands that have historically belonged to Hungary. He is also known for his harsh anti-migrant rhetoric, including an action-movie like video showing big, burly men giving chase to illegal immigrants on motorcycles, helicopters and even on horseback.

The most important thing we as white people need to do is ensure that we are raising future men who will fight for their women and land. We need to educate our children on why they should be proud of their heritage and make it clear to them just how important it is to uphold the honor of it.


And of course, we need to be their role models 

We must put an end to our sons being told that they should hang up their masculinity and dress like females, we must put an end to our women being shoved around by pedophile Moslems, and we must certainly stop the kikes from advancing with their white genocide plan.

Vile acts such as this must not be allowed to take place

Laszlo Toroczkai is a hero and is reinforcing that we will not be wiped out and justice will be served.

He’d make a great replacement for Viktor Orban.