Hungarian Jews Say Criticism of Individual Jew Soros is Anti-Semitism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

In my opinion, Jews really give the game away when they start claiming that any criticism of any individual Jew is anti-Semitism.

Because of course, the argument of anti-Semites is that Jews are a collective, and thus individual Jews represent a “Jewish agenda.”

Soros in particular has been singled out by anti-Semites as a representative of a global Jewish agenda. So for Jewish groups to say “by criticizing Soros, you are criticizing the global Jewish agenda” seems very unhelpful to their own agenda.

Apparently, they just cannot help themselves.


The head of Hungary’s Jewish federation is calling on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to remove billboards with Jewish billionaire George Soros’ face that have popped up around the country.

Andras Heisler, president of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities, noted that anti-Semitic graffiti written on the government-funded billboards “recall Hungary’s dark periods.”

“The billboard campaign, while not openly anti-Semitic, can still very much unleash uncontrolled anti-Semitic and other feelings,” Heisler wrote. “This poisonous message hurts all of Hungary.”

The billboards feature a smiling George Soros with the words, “Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh.” In small print, the billboard reads, “99% Reject Illegal Immigration.”

The campaign uses “imagery that evokes memories of the Nazi posters during the Second World War showing ‘the laughing Jew’,” Human Rights Watch campaigner Lydia Gall told Reuters. “The campaign encourages anti-Semitism.”

Yeah, I mean, I of course agree with this: George Soros does represent all Jews.

But you would think Jews themselves wouldn’t want to draw attention to that fact.