Hungarian Elites Rally Against Government’s Plan to Shut Down Jew U

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2017

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban is in a bit of a Kike 22.

On the one hand, he is enjoying the amount of cheap credit and infrastructure development Hungary receives from its membership in the European Union.

Yet on the other, Orban is trying to stave off what these elites anticipate in return for their money. That is, for Hungary to open-up its borders unconditionally to the filth of the world, for its collaboration in provoking a world war with Russia and for consent in the deracination of its people – pulled right from the roots with the aid of the cosmopolitan upper-middle class this newfound wealth is breeding.

Orban lacks the ideological weapons to directly confront the people trying to sabotage his country head on. Instead, his government has induced a sort of cultural “cold war” with individuals like the infamous George Soros. But Soros is not the only Jew causing problems in Hungary, he is merely the most recognizable face within a larger web that triangulates through New York City, Brussels and Budapest.

In order to combat this network, the Orban government and the people of Hungary must pull out of the European Union and begin treating Jewry as a class. With that said, figuring out a way to bulldoze Soros’ “Central European University” to the ground is a start. He must take advantage of the new political zeitgeist in America to move quickly against these coup-priming NGOs, while the window is open.

The US Deep State unfortunately still acts as an autonomous entity.


Some 10,000 people marched in Hungary’s capital on Sunday in support of the Central European University (CEU), founded by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros in 1991.

The US-registered institute claims that it is being directly targeted by draft legislation submitted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government last week. The draft bill would see universities from non-European Union countries banned from awarding Hungarian diplomas without an agreement between national governments.[…]

The future of the CEU, which does not have a US campus, now “depends on talks between the governments of Hungary and the United States,” Orban said on Friday.

The Hungarian Prime Minister considers Soros an ideological foe whose “open society” ideal contrasts with his own efforts to turn Hungary into what he once famously dubbed an “illiberal state.”

Orban also accused said the “Soros University” of “cheating” because it can award both a Hungarian diploma and an American one, which the prime minister said gives the institution an “unfair advantage” over local universities.

In a statement expressing “concern” on Friday, the US State Department also criticized the draft bill.

“We urge the government of Hungary to avoid taking any legislative action that would compromise CEU’s operations or independence,” it said.

If passed, the law could force the CEU out of the country. Given that the governing coalition of Orban’s nationalist Fidesz party and conservative KDNP currently holds a majority of seats in the parliament, the bill’s success is likely. Out of all 28 foreign universities in Hungary, the Soros-backed institution is the only one that does not meet the new requirement.

The figure of 10,000 protesting is an exaggeration, but there were many protesting in defense of some international Jew’s university. But how many are common Hungarians?

With an English-language hashtag (#IStandwithCEU) and chic social media campaign, the values and behavior emanating from CEU clearly do not represent the values of the average Hungarian at all.

For this reason, Orban should instead look into revoking the credentials of these diplomas over shutting it down. Let them go and waste their time and money there. The people who attend universities like this do so to foster elite connections and sit at the table of the new neo-liberal order pan-Jewry is trying to absorb Hungary into.

Block headed hipster youth, the baby boomers inciting them, and the Jew “special guest lecturers” from America don’t have popular support anywhere, but because their networks are trans-national and well funded, they have an advantage over the people of Hungary, as well as the ability to sully their reputation while speaking in their name.

For this reason, a new global alliance parallel to the Anti-Comintern Pact of 1936 is required. An international menace requires an international response.

Hungary must exit the EU, or forever be hindered in its quest for national sovereignty.

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