Hundreds of Ugly Haitians and African Asylum Seekers Riot at Mexican Shelter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Whoa, look at those things. Imagine them knocking on your door late at night, with those faces, screaming “HALP ME HALP ME HALP ME HALP ME.”

Nightmare stuff.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of African and Haitian migrants rioted on Tuesday and tried to escape from a temporary immigration shelter in southern Mexico.

Guards and police officers at the facility, the largest migrant center in Mexico, stopped the inmates as they attempted to flee.

This was the third migrant uprising in a month at the Feria Mesoamericana shelter, which is located in Tapachula, a city in the state of Chiapas.

Trouble ignited when migrants requested food, medical attention and help with their processing that would allow the to leave the facility.

Migrants asking for food… yeah, no. We need a new term for this.

If migrants want food, they should pay for it. But these are not migrants. These are homeless people that have nothing but their clothes, moving from one country to another, trying to get free stuff.

A heartbreaking video from Mexican outlet El Universal (which was muzzed by the broadcaster and not the DailyMail) showed a Haitian mother-of-two sprawled out on the dirt pavement, crying for assistance for her sick son, 5, while her toddler crawled nearby on the ground.

‘My son has been sick for a lot of days. I have suffered a lot,’ the woman wailed in Spanish as she peaked through the bottom of a gate in front of a group of reporters assembled outside the shelter.

They haven’t given us a bit of food. There is no drinkable water. Help, help me with my son. He is sick. I have two sons, a five-year-old and a [14]-month-old. … Help me please. My son is dying.’

The distraught mother, who said she had been at the immigration center for 10 days, was stopped from leaving at the main gate by members of the National Guard, National Institute of Immigration and the Federal Police.

Does that mean that Mexicans are the real Nazis with the real concentration camps?

Mexicans treat these vermin correctly. Our Border Patrol Migrant Aid Force, on the other hand…

When they are detained in America, they get free food, free showers, free clothing, free nannies for their kids, pretty much free everything.

Because human rights is a white people thing. Browns don’t do human rights — they take advantage of human rights.

Aside from dealing with an exodus from Central American heading to the United States, the Mexican government has also seen an influx of migrants from Cuba, Haiti and Africa since late 2018, usually crossing the southern border with Guatemala.

Even more will come. All of these “migrants” detained in Mexico want to get to the United States, and the moment they’re able to do that, they will.

The only real solution is to change the asylum concept and laws, and build a wall.

If we don’t defend our stuff, others will take it. Every day is a fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re idling — the rest of the world isn’t. America is passing its turn to act, and the rest of the world is making their move.

This is how it works in nature.

Valuable stuff that can be taken WILL BE TAKEN.