Hundreds of Nigerian Soldiers Resign Due to Lack of Resources to Fight Moslem Terrorists

There is a massive ISIS-type group called “Boko Haram” in Nigeria. The name means “school is bad,” as is taken from the fact that they kidnap girls from school as sex slaves to breed their army.

That is kind of hilarious and awesome, maybe, but it’s creating a big problem for the people in Nigeria, and the military has no resources to oppose it.


At least 356 soldiers fighting the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s North-East have written the country’s Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, seeking voluntary retirement over “loss of interest”.

The soldiers in a letter with reference number NA/COAS/001, quoting the Harmonised Terms and Conditions of Service soldiers/rating/airmen (Revised) 2017, asked for approval to leave the Nigeria Army due to low morale.

SaharaReporters had extensively reported how Nigerian troops suffer mass casualty in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists due to lack of a robust intelligence apparatus and also lack of equipment.

Some soldiers said this is further compounded by poor welfare for them and their families by the army.

In June, SaharaReporters exclusively reported how a soldier and three others were abducted at a checkpoint before Gasarwa Village, about 40 kilometers from Monguno Local Government Area in Borno State.

The soldier and policeman, who was executed in a video a day after their abduction, spoke about their identity before their gruesome killing.

The Nigerian Army has not commented on the executions to this day.

I would not ask the dear reader to feel bad for Nigerians.

But please, riddle me this: why does the US government spend billions and trillions of dollars paying for Saudi Arabia to starve children to death in Yemen? Why do we send the billions to Israel, so they can steal land from sad peasants?

These people will go on TV and say a bunch of stuff about a moral imperative to fight against “terrorism,” but virtually none of the people they are fighting against are actual terrorists.

Meanwhile, Nigeria, which is a lot more of a friendly country than Saudi Arabia or Israel, both being responsible for blowing up our towers in New York, gets nothing.

It would take very little to help Nigeria beat Boko Haram, and it would stop the largest ISIS terrorist group from continuing to spread unabated. If your goal in the world was to stop terrorism, that would be the single most obvious place to start, as you could easily wipe out a massive terrorist group using a very small amount of resources.

I’m not even saying we should do that. I’m just saying this: these people in our government do not care about “fighting terrorism.” They care about promoting the agenda of the Jews.