Hundreds of Jews Flood the Streets in Brooklyn for the Funeral of a 9-Year-Old Who Drowned

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

Jews when a Jew dies:

Whites when a white person dies:

Whites when browns die:

You can say a lot of bad things about Jews but you can’t really say that they don’t have their group priorities right.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of members of the Hasidic Jewish community came together in mourning on Wednesday, for the funeral of a nine-year-old boy who drowned at a New Jersey water park.

Hersh Meilech Grossman, from Brooklyn in New York, died at Sahara Sam’s water park after going into cardiac arrest in an outdoor pool just after 7.30pm on Tuesday.

As is custom in the religion, the young boy was buried within a day of his death – watched on by his distraught father Moshe Grossman, who stood graveside wiping away tears while embracing his seven-year-old son Sender.

Hundreds of residents lined the street sobbing openly, including the boy’s mother Sheindy, who was embraced by an older daughter and her mother and cousins.

The mother’s first cousin Joseph Langsom said the family was ‘taking it very hard, just like whole community – he belongs to the Belzer community.’

This affected most of the community – we are all neighbors, cousins – everyone had someone on this trip so it makes it very personal and for the community – very shocking,’ Langsom said. ‘

That is how whites should feel and act when whites die. Instead, most whites nowadays are indifferent to the suffering of their own while being ridiculously over-empathetic and over-sympathetic towards other groups — even when those other groups are a threat to our survival.

America has its own poor and homeless people, yet many Americans would choose to help the browns illegally crossing the border over Americans in need.

White countries have their own problems yet they choose to try to solve the problems of browns and blacks over their own. The West is constantly sending veterinarian aid to Africa and Sub-American countries despite them never having anything to show for it.

Our in-group preference has been corrupted.

Whites are getting taken advantage of by everyone and made to enjoy it.

We should be taking care of our own at least as hard as Jews take care of their own. We should care about our own at least as hard as Jews care about their own.

Indifference towards our own is self-hatred.