Human Rights Watch Bro Fired for Mocking Auschwitz Jew Hair Room on Tinder

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

How the shit is anyone supposed to take a room full of hair seriously?

At best it is disgusting and bizarre that the Jews keep this on display. At worst it is a grand statement about the psychology of the Jew.

Do you know that Jews at Nuremberg claimed that this hair was used to make mattresses “for German women”?

People were convicted of shaving Jews’ heads and using the hair for mattress-making.

Why would anyone under any circumstance want to sleep on a mattress filled with Jew hair?


Human Rights Watch said it is investigating one of its officials after a complaint from a pro-Israeli group, which said the man’s Tinder dating service account had a crude joke about the Holocaust.

According to a screenshot of HRW Associate Director of Finance Matthew Myers’ profile posted by his accusers, he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and asks anyone who “can’t laugh about the hair room at Auschwitz” not to apply. The casual remark apparently references one of the exhibits of the Holocaust Museum in Poland, where hair cut from the heads of an estimated 140,000 victims of the Nazi death camp is displayed.

WRITE to Human Rights Watch, because antisemitism from their employees is anything but funny: …

Posted by StandWithUs on Montag, 19. Februar 2018

The group called Stand With Us launched an online petition to pressure HRW to investigate Myers. Responding to the complaint via Facebook, the HRW said the employee has been suspended pending results of a probe.

The biggest takeaway here is that the Jews are now combing through people’s Tinder profiles to see if they are being mocked therein.

The filthy scheming Jews literally believe they can stop the avalanche that is about to dump on them by making examples of anyone who dares speak out against them.

What they have done by so brutally hunting down anyone who questions them publicly is make it so they have no ability whatsoever to measure how many people now hate them. There is a movement building in complete secrecy, with individuals unable to even speak to each other about it.

When you punish people for speaking out – or making jokes – you are not making the sentiments go away. You’re just attempting to warn others that they too will suffer if they dare speak their mind.

But there is coming a day – so, the day is coming – when the dam will break, and millions of people will be ready to stand up and say “I am fed-up with these Jews.”

And on that day, there will be nothing but rage as we look at one another and say “me too.”

I wanted to do this peacefully, Jews.

I wanted to have a discussion.

I still do.

I am here, trying to have a discussion. And you are refusing. You are silencing me.

And what is going to happen is you are going to end up dealing with people who are not interested in a discussion.

You cannot stop what is coming any more than you can hold back the tide.

You have a choice as to how you handle it.

I’m ready to talk whenever you are, Jews.