Human IQ Scores Decreasing

Daily Slave
August 23, 2014

Scientists are too afraid of being labeled as “racists” if they tell people the real reason why human IQ is declining.

I’m not sure why these scientists are finding it so difficult to figure out why human IQ scores are decreasing.  They claim that humans have reached their intellectual peak which is a ridiculous notion.

With the amount of people from third world nations being brought into first world nations, you are naturally going to have a decline in the average IQ score.  On average, third world populations do not score as well on the IQ test but these people have the tendency to breed at a more prolific rate than White people do.  The increased migration of these third world populations also results in more race mixing which is further encouraged by the Jewish propaganda machine.

Simply put, human IQ scores are decreasing because people with lower IQs are breeding at a faster pace than those with higher IQs.  Jews are also encouraging Whites to race mix which further degrades the average human IQ score.  Of course, it would be “racist” to even mention this so that’s why these scientists make up some garbage about human IQ scores peaking.

Daily Mail:

Technology may be getting smarter, but humans are getting dumber, scientists have warned.

Evidence suggests that the IQs of people in the UK, Denmark and Australia have declined in the last decade.

Opinion is divided as to whether the trend is long-term, but some researchers believe that humans have already reached intellectual peak.