Hugh Hefner Finally Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2017

A symbol of “American” decadence and debauchery is finally dead.


Hugh Hefner, American founder of the international adult magazine Playboy, has died at the age of 91.

Playboy Enterprises Inc said he passed away peacefully at home in Los Angeles, from natural causes.

Hefner began publishing Playboy in his kitchen in 1953. It became the largest-selling men’s magazine in the world, shifting seven million copies a month at its peak.

Cooper Hefner, his son, said he would be “greatly missed by many”.

He paid tribute to his father’s “exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer,” and called him an advocate for free speech, civil rights and sexual freedom.

Hefner’s trailblazing magazine helped make nudity more acceptable in mainstream publications, despite emerging at a time when US states could legally ban contraceptives.

His obituary called him “the luckiest cat on the planet,” referencing his ability to have sex with unlimited women.

In actual fact, large numbers of men have this ability. Any man with high social status can have sex with virtually any woman whenever he wants, given that women are all naturally nothing more than whores.

All celebrities have this ability, as do all wealthy men.

And yet: the overwhelming majority of these men give up this ability to have unlimited sexual partners either by marriage, or is as often the case with entertainment celebrities, self-termination via suicide or drug overdose.

Because this promise the Jews made of unlimited sex for all wasn’t simply unfulfilled – and it was unfulfilled, most men in 2017 aren’t getting laid at all, as all “sexual liberation” actually did was allow all women to have sex with the same few high-status men – it was an illusion to begin with.

“Unlimited sex” is no more valid of a dream than “unlimited delicious cheeseburgers and sugary treats.”

The direct appeal to the most base human desires is a cheap kike trick.

And it’s the reason that people call Jews “the devil” and “Satan.”

For in our mythology, this is what the devil always appealed to: the base and material aspects of man.

And always, the man was forced to trade the metaphysical, the spiritual, the meaningful and the truly human in order to fulfill these desires.

What Playboy marketed to men was no less vapid than these “Chelsea Manning” tweets everyone has been mocking.

Obviously, not being able to have sex is humiliating for a man. It is no different than not being able to make money, or (in America) not owning a car. It is personally degrading. It is emasculating.

So they put a large number of men in that position, with their sexual revolution, then they dangle this fantasy of unlimited sex as the goal, effectively bullying men into humiliating themselves further, engaging in a soulless competition in their own minds for a fake prize.

Hefner represented all of that.

He wasn’t a Jew, but he was surrounded by them. And he was a lead mascot for the Jewish commercialization of the American soul.

“An American Icon”

Jewish media publications are celebrating Hefner as “an American icon.”

This is untrue.

He was an icon of the kiked “all you can eat” version of America that was sold to the goyim in the post-war period.

The America that eventually ended with the election of Donald Trump.

The America that ended in Charlottesville.

The America that ended when all of these sportsball niggers decided that they weren’t going to be Americans anymore.

Hefner’s death happened exactly when it should have. And it is meaningfully symbolic that it happened right now.

Because the America that he represents is dying as we speak, and it will never resurrect.

In order to kill what remains of the white race, the Jews had to kill the fake America that they created – the “this is really just an idea, not people” America.

But a-ha.

There, in the ashes, still remains the “for ourselves and our posterity” America that our forefathers built for us. The America of people. White people.

And with this illusion of “America as an idea” now being purposefully destroyed by Jews, the flag is laying there for us to pick up and say “this is ours.”

We can define it as we wish.

It always belonged to us. The Jews stole it. Now they’re giving it back.

The gun is on the table.

Pick up the gun.