HUGE Drug-Smuggling Tunnel Unearthed Near Mexican Border

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

I always knew there were a bunch of tunnels beneath American soil.

I was sure that the ancient aliens/Atlanteans/Illuminati/black government programs built them for their important and mysterious purposes.

Or was it the ancient Mayans? I’m getting all of my conspiracy theories confused here.

Unfortunately, it’s quite a let down to learn that those tunnels are in fact being built by beaner cartels in order to smuggle drugs into the US.

All my teenage fantasies are getting smashed to bits by these Mexicans.

New York Times:

Ventilation tubes and electricity cables run along the rough-hewed walls. Rudimentary rails stretch along the ground. The dank, waterlogged conditions belie the desert conditions at the surface, some 70 feet above.

Pictures and video of the remarkable smuggling tunnel, the longest ever found at the Mexico-United States border, were released by the American authorities on Wednesday. The shaft stretched some 4,309 feet, nearly a mile, between Tijuana, Mexico, and the outskirts of San Diego.

“The sophistication and length of this particular tunnel demonstrates the time-consuming efforts transnational criminal organizations will undertake to facilitate cross-border smuggling,” Cardell T. Morant, the acting special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego, said in a statement from United States Customs and Border Protection.

It’s amazing the effort that these Mexicans are willing to spare in order to break into the US and sell drugs to our kids. It’d be nice if they could expend the same kind of energy on making their own country less of a shithole.

The tunnel is somewhere around here.

But then again, spending all your time doing pointless and harmful crap like human sacrifices and making endless pyramids is in their DNA.

Don’t get me wrong, pyramids are cool. But maybe wait until you’ve invented three field crop rotation – or the wheel – before going nuts with them.

And it seems like these drug tunnels are getting more and more elaborate.

Before the latest discovery, the longest smuggling tunnel across the United States-Mexico border was an excavation found in 2014, also in San Diego, the authorities said. That tunnel was 2,966 feet long.

For all the talk about a wall between the United States and Mexico, the proliferation of such subterranean passageways demonstrates that the problem with border security is as much below ground as above.

Cross-border tunnels have long been used by cartels to move drugs and people into the United States, but even so, the sophistication of the recent find stood out, the American border agency said.

Images and footage taken inside the tunnel showed a claustrophobic channel hacked through rock, measuring just 2 feet across and about 5.5 feet high. Officials said the shaft was equipped with a rail system and ventilation, with high-voltage electrical cables, a drainage system and even an elevator at the opening in Tijuana.

The video shows wires dangling from the walls, ventilation equipment and detritus including discarded clothing and what looked like the remains of wooden storage shelves. Water sloshes around the floor of the chambers.

The exit on the American side was hidden by hundreds of sandbags, the authorities said. An offshoot of the main tunnel was also discovered, they added, running 3,529 feet into United States territory but with no opening to the surface.

They really just put the tunnel exit right there in the open, huh?

Fact: they couldn’t put it right next to the border wall if the wall had machine gun turrets.

Of course, the media is using this news to claim that because it’s possible to tunnel under the earth, having a border wall is pointless. However, none of these people have used the same line of argumentation to abolish the walls of their own mansions and walled communities, so it’s unclear how sincere these claims are.

Moreover, detecting a few shallow tunnels isn’t exactly difficult with modern technologies.

You just need a few guys patrolling the border with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) sensors and any tunnel would be found right away.

They could probably just install a permanent network of sensors to detect tunnels even before they’re finished being dug.

Once the tunnels are found out, all we would need to do is unleash the robo-moles.

If cyber-moles are good enough to kill Megaman, they’re good enough to kill MS-13 drug runners.