Huge Crowd Greets Very Popular and Totally Legitimate President Joe Biden

“I thought it was best to allow them to speak… their mind.” -Bernie Sanders on why he gave up the mic to a gang of Bidens that rushed his stage in 2016

Neo-Nazis, incels and gamers continue to doubt that Joe Biden is the most popular person who ever walked on earth.

However, as usual, the facts show different information than the thoughts of the deranged right-winger.

When the most popular ever person Joe Biden, who legitimately won the presidential election in a realistic way, was driving to his beach house, a massive crowd came out to greet him in his passing.

Compare that to the pathetic turnout in Washington.

It’s not just the roads that Joe Biden dominates – he also rules the tubes, drawing explosive numbers to his YouTube streams.

Joe Biden is a phenomenon.

The people are staggered by the sheer weight of his overwhelming presence.

He is a titan among elves. He’s a one man army, on the march to do all of his wonderful policies which we are all familiar with and so we don’t need to mention.

People got mad when the Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus. However, if Joe Biden were to say he was bigger than Jesus, no one could get mad – because no one could deny it.

Joe Biden is Jesus on steroids.

He is our real savior, who has come not to die for our sins, but to fight to enact all of those policies he has that we’re so familiar with. Such as, for example, he’s going to unite the country instead of divide it.

But Joe Biden would never compare himself to Jesus, because he’s a devout Catholic. When he’s not planning on how to build back better, he can often be found reading the Palms.