Huge Cigar-Shaped Object “With Spheres Circling It” is Seen Hovering Over Baltimore

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2019

UFOs are still being paraded all over the United States in some kind of mass teasing.

The question is… who or what is behind this?

Daily Star:

A strange “craft” shaped like a cylinder and with “spheres circling it” has apparently been caught on camera hovering in the skies above Baltimore, Maryland.

The footage begins with the cameraman exclaiming he is filming a “UFO over Baltimore” which is “huge”.

At first, it seems the black object is circular but as it begins to move past the screen, its true shape becomes apparent.

According to the witness, a “white sphere” was going around the crane at the same time, but that isn’t shown in the video.

He also said there were “several cylinder objects” in the sky before he started recording.

“They went up and down, in and out of the clouds and sometimes disappearing only to reappear again,” he added.

The unnamed onlooker stopped recording to “pick up his mum” but then came across the sight again about an hour later.

“On the way back we noticed two of the three crafts, but they were much further away,” he added.

Yeah just stop recording the strange, mysterious phenomenon and go do normal goy stuff as if nothing happened, goy.

That will certainly move things forward.

YouTube conspiracy channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 shared the footage yesterday after the sighting was reported to the Mutual UFO Network.

Daily Star Online recently revealed new footage from Florida, which appeared to show the UFO glowing in the sky.

A professor told this site he believed such objects could be a hybrid sea, land and air craft developed by the USAF.

Yeah, it could be what that professor said.

But in that case…

Who is behind the United States Air/Space Force?

Who is behind all the other kinds of UFOs?

Who is behind the big one, currently in space, coming our way?

What crashed in Chile?

What about the UFOs people have been seeing for decades?

What about the ones seen in other parts of the world?

What is really happening here?