Huge Anti-Lockdown Marches in Germany, Anti-Lockdown Danes Get Double Jail

It isn’t particularly surprising that Germany is a center of anti-lockdown protests.

They are rational people, who also like working.

It’s somewhat surprising they were even able to get away with the hoax in Germany.


Several separate rallies were held in Germany’s capital city of Berlin. The largest one, with some 1,000 people in attendance according to police estimates, began at noon outside the federal health ministry.

The event was not marred by any major incident, the police said, with the officers present at the scene primarily focused on checking that participants were properly masked.

Another large protest was held in the southwestern city of Stuttgart, with hundreds marching through the streets to decry the restrictions. The event has not seen any major incidents either.

Minor clashes between the police and protesters have been reported in the eastern German city of Dresden. Despite failing to secure authorization for the event, hundreds of anti-lockdown activists gathered in the city’s center, while law enforcement tried to push them back and urged them to disperse in an orderly manner.

The first anti-coronavirus restrictions were rolled out across Germany on March 13 last year, with most of the country’s states ordering the closure of schools and nurseries, while Bundesliga opted to postpone all its football matches. The restrictions have been repeatedly eased and re-tightened across the country since then.

Last month, the government presented a five-step plan that envisions gradual lifting of the measures depending on the seven-day Covid-19 infection rate. Still, a full reopening might not come anytime soon, as the country has seen cases rise in recent weeks.

Here we are, a year later, and the pandemic remains so deadly that there is serious argument as to whether or not the disease even exists at all.

I have said for a year, the same thing: it’s the flu. Whether it is a specific strain of the flu that they’ve identified, or if it is literally just the normal flu, doesn’t really matter. There are no new deaths. This is the same thing that has always happened. There have always been seasonal respiratory infections, and there have always been a lot of people who are old or otherwise feeble who die from them.

According to the CDC, 80,000 people died from the flu in the US in 2017.

So they take something that already exists, and then say it’s a new crisis.

They do this with global warming – i.e., global warming is causing hurricanes, forest fires and earthquakes.

It’s the same thing with “racism,” actually – blacks have always been poor, and they’ve always had a much higher arrest and incarceration rate because they’re naturally more violent.

In Denmark, they are giving anti-lockdown protesters double jail.


A Danish woman has been jailed for two years after telling people to “smash the city” at an anti-lockdown protest. The activist is the first protester hit by a law enabling courts to double sentences for Covid-related offenses.

The unusually harsh ruling was announced by the Copenhagen court on Friday. The defendant, a 30-year-old woman, was found guilty of making offensive statements that contributed to a “gross disturbance of public order as well as the use of violence against police” during an anti-lockdown protest in early January.

“Are you ready to walk around and smash the city in a non-violent way?” she addressed the crowd outside Copenhagen’s City Hall during the protest. “The people in parliament. Smash the system.”

The woman, who has remained in custody since January 28, pleaded not guilty, while her attorneys called for an acquittal. However, the court argued that the “non-violent” part of her statement did not count, as the defendant reiterated her call to “smash” things twice.

Two years for a single word, apparently. I would want to examine the translation of the word “smash.” But to add “in a non-violent way” in the same phrase seems to indicate she was not calling for violence.

The rally turned minorly violent, in the same way that any large rally is going to have some conflict with the police.

It wasn’t a big deal, and I’m sure it was not this poor woman’s fault.

This is obviously just making an example of someone for the purpose of striking fear into anyone who questions the coronavirus dogma.

It’s actually amazing to see all of these governments working together on the same agenda like this. Sweden was the single Western nation that questioned it.