HuffPo: Refugees Need Internet to Better infiltrate Our Countries

Daily Stormer
July 25, 2016

878178 03/09/2011 Около 2% пользователей всемирной паутины в силу своей природной предрасположенности могут стать зависимым от Интернета. Sergey Yolkin/RIA Novosti

Depriving these Hajis of internet is cruel and abusive. It’s probably against the Geneva convention as well.

The great humanitarians at the Huffington Post are always concerned about the basic human rights of the rapefugees pouring across our borders.

But of course, since all their needs are being met, and in some cases extravagantly, the definition of “needs” needs to be stretched considerably in order to feign outrage.

Huffington Post:

One of the first questions aid worker Isaac Kwamy was asked in Greece’s camps for refugees and migrants was not whether there was food or water, but whether there was internet access.

“Very few of them (migrants) said, ‘We are hungry, we need food. Or we are thirsty, can we have water?” said Kwamy, who visited camps in June. “They were literally asking, ‘Do you have Wi-fi access and where can we charge our phones?’”


Sounds like someone needs an intervention.

As the head of emergency response at NetHope, an alliance of aid groups and companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco that provide technology services during humanitarian crises, Kwamy said the need for connectivity came as no surprise.

Not only do asylum seekers and migrants need the internet on their smartphones to plan their journey towards Europe, he said, they also use it to apply for asylum, and to stay in touch with family through mobile apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

In other words, they need internet to figure out the best ways to infiltrate our societies and steal our resources. And we have to pay for the internet access they’ll use to apply to leech off us forever.


HuffPo retards insist we take good care of their little pets.

In his 17 years as an aid worker, Kwamy said it is the first time he has seen such a reliance on the internet during a humanitarian crisis.

“It’s as important as eating food, drinking water, being treated (medically), being given a tent,” he said.

“There’s the impression that the internet is a luxury and if you’re a refugee you don’t have the right to be connected,” he said. “That’s not true. They have the same right as everybody else.”

In June, the U.N. passed a resolution to amend Article 19 which made internet access a basic human right.


Yes, the UN is supposedly a serious organization.

Did you hear that, White man? Giving out WiFi to third world primitives is your duty. Withholding your WiFi password would violate their fundamental human rights, and as such would be a grave crime.

I, for one, will carry around a copy of this UN resolution in my wallet  to bully people into giving me their WiFi passwords from now on.