HuffPo Humiliates Jerry Falwell Jr. Further, Posts Wife’s 911 Call Following Drunken Fall

It is now being reported that after Jerry Falwell Jr. was fired from Liberty University, and then publicly humiliated over an affair that his wife had with the pool boy, he fell down the stairs while drunk and nearly died. This comes after a 911 call by Falwell’s wife was obtained by the Huffington Post.

This is a completely humiliating story which I do not think should be on the internet at all. But given that it is already on the internet, I feel a need to comment on it in defense of Jerry and in defense of men and their need to work.

Daily Mail:

A 911 call made by Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife just days after his resignation from Liberty University revealed that he was losing ‘a lot of blood’ after allegedly injuring himself on a trash can in a fall while drunk.

In the call record of the incident, Becki Falwell refused to cooperate with officers after she called to report that her husband was bleeding heavily and would not go with her to the hospital, the Huffington Post states.

Dispatchers arrived to find Falwell with lacerations under his left eye, across the bridge of his nose, and above both his right and left eyes, as he slurred his speech with empty alcohol containers nearby.

The call, acquired by the Huffington Post through a Freedom of Information request, took place on August 31, a week after Falwell was forced to move aside as president of the evangelical university founded by his father Jerry Falwell Sr.

He was plagued by a string of controversies culminating in a claim from a former poolboy that he had an affair with Becki Falwell for years with the consent of her husband.

One week after the allegations of Giancarlo Granda, now 29, were published by Reuters, first responders were called to the Falwell couple’s home in Bedford County, Virginia, at 2.30am.

Audio from the 911 call involves Becki Falwell telling the dispatcher that she had been at church at 11pm that night when she received a call from her husband to say he was injured.

She says that she was forced to break a door in with a chair after finding their home locked and discovered her husband surrounded by ‘a lot of blood right now’ after a fall down the stairs.

Becki confirmed to the dispatcher that her husband had been drinking but when asked if he was drinking heavily, she refused to cooperate stating: ‘I’m not going to answer that question.’

She was told that the information was important to understand how severe his injuries were as alcohol thins the blood to which she responded: ‘The more I tell you the name, the more you’re going to understand why we’re not talking to you right now’.

You might think, “oh, well, the Daily Mail is a tabloid, so of course they’re covering this.”

But no.

This story is on every single news site right now, as the Jewish media delights in this Christian man’s humiliation.

I have written in some detail about the shameful way that the Christian community threw this man under the bus, and how poorly this reflects on the Christian community in America as a whole. This entire American concept of picking apart the private lives of every public figure is voyeuristic and vile.

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Further, we should note that the media wants to completely and totally destroy any Christian man who fights for the values of Christian civilization, and for God. Jerry Falwell Jr. did more than virtually any other living Christian in America to defend the Christian faith. In a time when most churches are flying gay flags and celebrating “Black Lives,” Jerry Falwell was fighting against abortion and homosexuality, and defending President Trump.

It wasn’t enough for the media to get him fired. It wasn’t enough for them to humiliate him by publishing lurid details about his wife’s affair. They had to take it a step further, and humiliate him even more. They had to publish details of his falling down and nearly dying, drunk in a pool of his own blood, a state that they put him in after they took everything from him.

Nothing is ever enough for these Jews. There is no point at which they say, “he’s done. We can stop humiliating him now.” They want to take every last shred of your dignity, they want you to die with nothing. It is a level of sadism that is impossible for a normal human to grasp.

But there is another issue here, and that is what happens to a man when he is prevented from working.

With the drunken fall, we should understand this: a man is nothing without his work. There is nothing more difficult for a man than being denied his work. It is shocking and disgusting to me the way that millennial men seem to not care about work, and I think that this is very much tied to the lack of masculinity we see among millennial men.

For a man with masculinity, his entire image of himself is tied to his work, and that is absolutely the way it should be. In this modern period, men seem to be attempting to tie their identity to their hobbies, their preferences in entertainment, and most abysmally, to the women in their lives. You cannot ever be an actual man if you do not work and draw meaning from that work.

This topic of the importance of work was going to be one of the main focuses of the book I was preparing to publish on advice for young men. Obviously, the coronavirus hoax has wiped out many opportunities that men had for careers and for building businesses, so much of what I wrote is no longer valid. However, even in this dark time, it is of the utmost importance that men figure out a way to work.

These welfare programs that are offered to men are a deal with the devil, where you are asked to sacrifice your identity for food. Many men, apparently, embraced this idea of welfare when they were offered it at the beginning of this coronavirus crisis. This is very sad and it is shameful. To temporarily be paid to not work is one thing, but to enter into a situation where you are a permanent ward of the state is something where they might as well just castrate you.

Of course, what the system wants is a bunch of men who do not work, and they are more than willing to throw them a few bucks for food if they agree not to work. They know that these men will be broken, and have no desire to fight. As you see with Jerry Falwell, a man who was very strong and capable, who accomplished amazing things while running Liberty University, was reduced to a pathetic creature bleeding on the ground, incapable of getting up off the floor, when his work was taken from him.

Times are very dark. It feels very much like there is no future. However, most of that is out of our hands. We are simply along for the ride here, and all we can do is react to it in the healthiest ways we can manage. As you are dealing with this fallout from the coronavirus hoax, I implore you this: do whatever you have to do to be able to work. I don’t care if they’re paying you more if you’re on welfare, or if it is the worst job on earth. You need to work, in order to remain sane and connected to reality and to yourself.

No matter how bad things get, find a way to work.

When you have work, thank God for it.