HuffPo Encouraging Thots to Cheat on Their Boyfriends

Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

These sluts are just begging for White sharia at this point.

Sometimes, I could swear HuffPo is being ghostwritten by Nazis as a troll.

This is basically exactly what I would write if I sent HuffPo a submission to make the case for the Thot patrol.

In fact, since this article is actually anonymous, maybe I did, huh?*

*I didn’t. Swear.

But seriously, these people are like the bizarro-world Daily Stormer, in that they’re constantly trying to push the envelope with increasingly extreme articles. The difference is, HuffPo is becoming more and more wacky, while we’re becoming more and more awesome.

Huffington Post :

I have a confession to make: I envy sexually uninhibited women, and more specifically, women who cheat back (particularly because I’ve never done it).

First, women who unabashedly seek and seize opportunities to satisfy their libidos are BAD ASS! Second, the willingness to pursue sexual pleasure and happiness can be used to expose and challenge fragile masculinity whenever it presents itself (which is almost always), particularly when responding to infidelity with infidelity. My “envy” stems from the latter.

And some people have the audacity to claim women shouldn’t be locked in cages, smdh.

Into the cage it goes.

Being sexually uninhibited just isn’t my steez; and really, I’m not envious. More accurately, I admire sexually uninhibited women! I realized my admiration when I came across a meme on social media that read, “stop crying and cheat back!” I flashed back to my first relationship wishing I’d done just that: cheat back! A few days later I came across another meme that read, “have a hoe phase, it builds character.” I found myself once again looking back and looking in. I was wondering how different my path of self-awareness would have been if I had a “hoe phase,” and further, if I’ve missed my chance. And still I pondered, “do I have it in me?”

Look at this retard reworking her entire outlook on life upon seeing dumb internet memes.

Maybe if she’d seen a couple BASED Black Guys in a MAGA hats on Reddit, she’d have gone to work for Rebel media instead of Huffington Post.

Conversely, that Loomer kike was one Black twitter meme away from writing thot articles for HuffPo instead of wearing a Trump hat.

As I compared me-then and me-now, I am much more confident and self-aware about other men’s attraction to me, which would make cheating ― should I choose to do it in the future ― more plausible now than previously. And over time, a powerful awakening commenced as I evolved sexually to understand my needs for pleasure, how to prioritize and communicate those needs, and further, how to ensure they’re respected so not as to ever be derailed or invalidated. And here I am now, feeling myself while “wishing a muthafucka would…”, knowing I have “the juice.”

More plainly, I think cheating on a man who’s cheated on you can be empowering and fulfilling. My personal dilemma presents itself in whether I would actually weaponize an opportunity to cheat back, regardless of how much I admired it in other women.

Women don’t need empowerment and fulfillment – they need cages and White sharia.

Not only do cages improve a woman’s character, they also make them happier. Would a caged woman babble about cheating being “empowering” and “fulfilling?”

So this is where we’re at. Op-eds literally encouraging women to be “hoes” and to cheat on their boyfriends.

Where do we go from here, HuffPo?