Huffington Post: Queer Jew “No Longer Identifies as White” for All the Wrong Reasons

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2017

Are Jews white? Are Jews a race? Are Jews a religion?

It all depends on what kind of jam they need to wiggle their way out of.

Shave his beard and give him a bath, and the global virus borne from the still-waters of  the Eastern European underworld can sometimes look like something in the range of European Caucasians. But this is only to get in the gates. Once they’re inside, they gradually transform your society, and like a race of Agent 47s, morph into numerous disguises in pursuit of the biggest contract of all: the Aryan race.

When the Jews at the Huffington Post tell you to stop breeding, to atone for your collective sin, or put out instructions for non-whites to start lynching whites, they address it as a message for and by “white people.”

Yet, HuffPo hosts a large number of blood-thirsty, unapologetic Zionists.

The growing rift in the Democratic Party between the thin layer of Jewish financiers and shot-callers at the top and the masses of non-whites they hope to propel them at the ballot box (see: Keith Ellison) is making this contradiction more and more untenable.

Thanks to a growing independent and free press, Jews can no longer hide behind the “white label.” The movement in their propaganda to distance themselves from the white label so as to get increasing “cred” with the non-whites they wish to lead into oblivion is hitting its crescendo, with Jews now presenting themselves as “racially non-binary” renegades. If you thought the laughter Rachel Dolezal provoked was the end of that thread, think again!

Huffington Post:

I no longer identify as white… Sort of.

I am a white Jew. I’m very white and very Jewish. I went to a white Jewish day school, studied in a white Jewish seminary, and did a very “white” creative writing degree. My first job came from a white Jewish contact, and I got paid far more than someone with no qualifications deserved.

And yet, over the past few years, I can’t help but feel that my racial and cultural identity has changed. See, my boyfriend is mixed race. His has four grandparents of four different races. In engaging with his racial realities, my eyes have been opened to things most white people are oblivious to.

I now understand racial issues on a much more personal level. I can now easily identify my own and others’ manifestations of white privilege. He has exposed me to the everyday reality of being singled out because of your race. At first, it came through in conversations about his experiences from childhood onwards and how they differed from mine. But it soon became apparent in our daily lives.

There are more practically pertinent examples. While his Muslim parents were in exile during apartheid, he was raised by his Catholic grandmother. Nonetheless, the name on his ID is Muslim. As a Jew, I never thought I would have a problem visiting Israel (or America, for that matter). But if I want to go there now, I have no guarantee my boyfriend will be allowed in (or at the least, that he won’t be harassed by security).

My point is that, as much as my white skin will always convey upon me a privilege not extended to non-whites, thinking of myself in binary racial terms is disingenuous.

As goofy as this article sounds, the message in between the lines is vital. Jews believe it to be pertinent to break down “binaries,” as they believe in dismantling any potential biological or social basis for unity due to the belief that it leads to “authoritarian personalities,” and thus anti-Semitism.

The mention of Israel is also interesting, especially since that has nothing to do with white people, as the few Christians in Israel are routinely fire bombed and in a state of permanent siege at the hands of Jews. A Jew who is a genuine “anti-racist” wouldn’t even dream of visiting Israel, and would strongly condemn – nay, make it his life mission to destroy – the official racial discrimination of the state operating in their name.

Notice this kooky Jewish faggot laments that his non-Jewish boyfriend wouldn’t be allowed in Israel, but nevertheless has a markedly resigned que sera, sera tone about it. That is because all Jews see our countries as a sort of Westworld, where they can live out their twisted fantasies without any moral scruples since we Goyim are nothing but hosts to them, always knowing in the back of their minds that they can return to the safety, solidarity, and racial coherence of Israel and the Jewish community when they feel they need a break.

Well Joshua Marcus, you’re 100% right that you Jews aren’t white, but that isn’t because of your black boyfriend.

We, the race whose ancestors gave their all to build the world your kind routinely shits on now need a break. From you alien Jews.

Get out of our lands!