Huffington Post Propaganda: Anti-Semitism is Inherently Genocidal

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2015

Never forget, goyim.
Never forget, goyim.

A recent Huffington Post article written by Stephen D. Smith, executive director of the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation, claims that anti-Semitic feelings are ipso facto genocidal.

The majority of the article laments the Holocaust as a “lesson for humanity,” “a demonstration of where prejudice can lead,” and the like. Since we don’t accept the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust, there’s no point in commenting on most of the content.

Towards the end, though, there are a couple of paragraphs worthy of comment:

If we want genocide to stop, we have to start with the genocidal threats we know are real, and never allow them room to breathe. Anti-Semitism is present and it is genocidal. It is NOT a form of racism, because its latencies always include the possibility of genocide. Whenever anti-Semitism is expressed, it carries a genocidal threat. That is how dangerous it is. A swastika daubed on a headstone is not random graffiti; it is a death threat. Anti-Semitism is killing Jewish people right now, on our own streets, in our cities, and it will result in the killing of many, many more Jewish people in future.

I have no doubt that some like-minded individuals are anti-Semitic enough to want to see the Jews get massacred. But that’s certainly not the desire of the Daily Stormer, nor the desire of any like-minded individual I know. In spite of our anti-Semitism, we have a zero tolerance policy against violence and threats of violence, and we don’t want to massacre the Jews. We just want them to get the hell out of our nations and live somewhere else (be it Israel or Madagascar or Birobidjan). So much for anti-Semitism carrying a “genocidal threat” whenever it’s expressed.

I believe that we do not need to repeat the mistakes of the past. I believe that if we say clearly and unequivocally that Auschwitz is the evidence that anti-Semitism is genocidal and we do everything — everything — in our power to halt it, we will be better equipped to face down the many ideologues of hatred we face; we will have greater resolve to stop the forces of extremism; we will build communities of trust and inter-dependence; we will find solutions for wars and policies to prevent them.

Had anybody considered anti-Semitism “genocidal” before the Holocau$t? The alleged actions of one anti-Semitic government that operated 70-80 years ago is not sufficient evidence to assert that anti-Semitism is inherently genocidal.

Moreover, phrases such as “facing down the many ideologues of hatred,” “stopping the forces of extremism,” “building communities of trust and inter-dependence,” and “finding solutions for wars and policies to prevent them” are obvious examples of leftist baloney. To arrive at such solutions, racist (especially anti-Semitic) speech and Nationalist political parties will have to be suppressed even further. We’re not going to let that fly.

We must make education more than a soft optional extra, but a hard tool that we deploy effectively to equip our young people with the knowledge, the skills, the confidence and the values that they need to defeat anti-Semitism and be prepared as active citizens and peace makers in our world. We must invest in them the trust they will need in each other. Let us be courageous, systematic, determined and proud to raise a generation that can respect one another and enjoy the freedom that open societies bring.

Sound like brainwashing? Because it is.

The knowledge needed to “defeat anti-Semitism”: Holocau$t, Holocau$t, Holocau$t, Holocau$t, Holocau$t.

The values needed to “defeat anti-Semitism”: anti-racism, tolerance, egalitarianism, diversity, multiculturalism.

Puke. No thanks. We’ll stick to our pro-White, anti-Semitic, racist, pro-National Socialist, pro-Fascist sentiments.

Anti-Semitism is the inevitable result of the Jew unnecessarily sticking his large hook nose into the West’s business. It does not go hand-in-hand with genocide. Stephen D. Smith’s article (read it in toto here) is yet another example of pro-Jew, pro-leftist, and pro-tolerance propaganda.