Huawei Suing the US Government for Banning Their Phones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2019

The claim that the US government is worried about spying and so has to shut down Huawei is like the claim that they’re worried about your health so they have to force you to take vaccines.

Even if Huawei is the evil chink spy giant that the US government and media are claiming, it doesn’t even matter. Everyone is being spied on by everyone in 2019. No Android phone even gives any kind of pretext of security, which means that it’s not just the NSA that can use it to spy on you, but China or any other country.

With Apple it’s a little bit harder, because they do more for security, but they can still be hacked by anyone who buys the zero days from Israel.

But the US government isn’t trying to force people to only use Apple because they’re that concerned about security. They have never said anything at all about Android being a security nightmare, and actually not even having any security at all.

This is simply the government shilling for Apple and Samsung, and attempting to shut down rising Chinese power in the tech sector – it’s just like the situation with Meng.


The Huawei row between the US and China has apparently taken a new turn as the company has reportedly decided to sue the US government itself. While the case appears to be a no-go, it could still be detrimental to Washington.

Chinese tech giant Huawei has seemingly opted to retaliate against the scaremongering campaign launched by Washington by challenging the US narrative and winning a right to publicly defend itself. The firm is considering filing a lawsuit against the US government, accusing it of basically punishing Huawei without prior legal process, the New York Times reports, citing anonymous sources, who are “familiar with the matter.”

The potential legal action would challenge a section of last year’s defense spending authorization law, which barred US government agencies from using Huawei products for some “security reasons.” According to the paper’s sources, the tech giant would argue that the motion basically amounts to a “bill of attainder” – or a legislative act singling out a person or an entity for punishment without trial.

Huawei is expected to announce the suit later this week, although its decision is reported to be not final and the company might still change or abandon its plans. If it decides to proceed, it would likely file the lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas, where the company’s American headquarters is located.

Banning this company and kidnapping their employees is such a desperate, pathetic move.

Huawei can’t really be stopped. They are producing the same phones as Samsung for less than half the price.

This is the first big move by the Chinese to conquer the global tech industry, but it isn’t going to be the last.

As always, I am very hopeful about a Chinese global takeover.

I am totally and completely fed-up with being a slave to kikes and am ready to give being a slave to chinks a shot.

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