Huawei Officially Replaces Android with Their Own Operating System, HarmonyOS

Consider the symbolic and aesthetic implications of calling your operating system “HarmonyOS.”

Huawei, the company that already won the smartphone hardware quality competition, has taken the first step towards also winning the software quality competition. They announced that their HarmoyOS operating system will be rolled out as an update to 100 of their phone models over the next year.

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There are phones over 4 years old in the list of devices that will get the update. Those phones will be at least 5 years old by the time they get the update next year.

Huawei can put their 5-year-old devices through something as big as a switch of operating systems because the phones are just that good.


Huawei held global launch event Wednesday, where it announced a bevy of new hardware products for a global rollout. But the big news is the upgrade to Harmony OS, the software some of those products run on.

Harmony has been around since 2019, but this second-gen version will run on a much broader array of Huawei products for the first time, ranging from smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. It also means the Chinese telecom will no longer need to rely on Android after US sanctions banned Huawei from using American tech products or services.

Despite Huawei’s grand vision for its proprietary operating system, analysts say the absence of Google services and apps will limit its global potential.

“Huawei did a nice job of polishing HarmonyOS’s user interface as well as a creating a connective layer to easily hand off apps and tasks between different types of devices,” said Bryan Ma, IDC’s Vice President of Device Research in an email to CNET.

“But it still lacks Google services and apps, which means that its potential on smartphones outside of China will be severely limited.”

The lack of Google services and apps in HarmonyOS can actually end up meaning the death of Google’s hegemony. Huawei is the one company that can actually pull off developing an alternative to all of Google’s offerings, and they have the incentive to do so.

All of those attacks on Huawei disguised as security concerns were most likely attempts at preventing them from taking over the Western smartphone market, considering how their phones, unlike Apple’s, are products of high quality offered at reasonable prices. Western companies are so decadent that they can’t compete with meritocratic companies without having the government on their side.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for every Western operating system drops to zero. That is, if we continue down this path of bullying intelligent white men out of everywhere and replacing them with people of color, women and trannies.