How’s the Site Running?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2013

We're had some hard times. But we're still in the ring.
We’re had some hard times. But we’re still in the ring.

The last couple days have been a fit of a frustrating nightmare.  As I’m sure the reader is aware, we were experiencing extreme slowness, to the point where for a large part of yesterday, the site wouldn’t load at all.

It took me a while to figure it out, but it was a lack of adequate resources.   Which is a lot better than a hack.  I increased the RAM of the site twice, tried to go through and find the memorty drain, switched some things around, and it still kept slowing down to unbearable speeds.  So I ended up paying for a much advanced package.

Hopefully things are working well now for everyone, but as it is a little hard for me to tell, given that I am using substandard internet at the moment, I wanted to see if we could get reports ( perhaps from different parts of the world) on how the site is loading.

Restyling the Site

I am on the verge of switching up some stylings, and would be interested to hear anyone’s input on that.  After fixing a few of the obvious issues – font, page width, etc. – there are things about the way the site looks now that I actually prefer to the old look.  But there are a few things I still want to change.

If there are any problems that you see that need fixing, of a stylistic or functional nature, report below.

Tell Us About Anything Else

If there are content issues or suggestions or personal complaints, please voice them.  Say what’s on your mind.

Donations Appreciated

As always, donations are appreciated.  The first half of November, people were quite generous, but that got cut off about halfway through the month, and I’ve only gotten a few contributions in the last couple weeks.

I really hope to continue to do this site full time, as I enjoy it and we are really having an effect.  Visitor numbers are multiplying exponentially.  But I do need your help.  Especially with the new server.


Hail Victory
Andrew Anglin
November 27, 2013