Howard Dean Says Ukrainian Anti-Semitism is a Russian Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

As is known, the EU and ZOG funded neo-Nazis to overthrow the government of the Ukraine back in 2014.

Some people in the international right-wing scene even supported them.

I of course did not, because I am against the EU and ZOG.

These neo-Nazis definitely hate Russians more than they hate Jews, but they are neo-Nazis legitimately. So they do hate Jews.

Howard Dean is apparently not keeping good track of this… and is attacking Jews and accusing them of being Russian agents.


The author of an article published in the Jewish-American press about anti-Semitic attacks in Ukraine has pushed back against progressive heartthrob Howard Dean, who suggested that the piece was inspired by Russian propaganda.

Lev Golinkin wrote an open letter to Dean – former six-term governor of Vermont and Chair of the Democratic National Committee – after he speculated on Twitter about Golinkin’s article, ‘Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine — And The Government Is Standing Idly By,’ which was published by prominent Jewish-American outlet The Forward.

“Be interested to know if this is based on Russian disinformation,” Dean tweeted on June 24, in response to Golinkin’s piece.

Golinkin, who is Jewish, addressed Dean’s cynical insinuation in a letter published by The Forward two days later. He stressed that his article was published by a reputable Western media outlet and not a Russian one. He also claimed that, as a child refugee from the Soviet Union, he harbored little sympathy for the Kremlin.

This is just a fun, goofy little story.

The Jews will continue to support the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

And the neo-Nazis will continue to work with Israeli Jews to fight Russians.

But of course, Jews have to report on “anti-Semitism” wherever it is. Just to keep track of it.

Howard Dean really is a dumb guy.

How does he not know you’re not supposed to disagree with Jews?

How could he not have just Googled the situation with neo-Nazis in the Ukraine?