How Unfunny is Jimmy Kimmel?

Jimmy Kimmel is not funny. He is so unfunny, that it should in fact be some kind of a crime.

Just watch some of this. Put it on 2x speed, and just understand that this is what our drugged-out moron culture is watching right now, and allegedly laughing at.

“Grouchy at Fauci”?

Rhymes. That’s the only thing left. Rhymes and poop jokes. This man is talking about poop.

He’s talking about Larry Bird taking a poop.

Imagine sitting there and saying, “haha – poop! Haha, I too remember Larry Bird! Hahaha, what a world!”

Then he makes fun of a church. He reversed a clip of President Trump giving money to a collection plate, which is actually against YouTube’s rules because it’s “manipulated video.” Then he said: “he pulled the old switcharoo on Jesus. Hahaha, Donald Trump likes money, so he is taking money, because of capitalism. hahaha.”

He slowed down a clip of Trump talking as well. Which again – violation of YouTube policy.

And this “joke” about how Trump is so broke – because of his taxes – that he’s charging $70 for a hat:

He’s not – they’re still $30 (because they’re made in America and you can’t get a hat less than that because of the policies of the demon-rats).

But do viewers know this? Or do they think this is news? It’s so unfunny to say “hehe, taxes, hahaha, hat prices” that I think most people would just think “oh, wow, $70 for a hat?” Frankly, I did have to go check it myself, because it wasn’t clear it was a joke.

I don’t know how many people watch this live, but look at this:

Is that number real?

Who are these people?

What the hell is even going on?

I guess Kimmel is just charismatic, and watchers feel like they have a friend in their house?

Why don’t they at least watch Joe Rogan?

You know what’s funny?

This is funny:

It has nothing to do with poop.

There is literally no reference at all to poop there, and it is hilarious and it is fun, and it brings happiness.