How to Stop a Riot and Put Out a Burning City in One Hour (The Secret Ingredient is Tear Gas)

These riots that have swept America are an artificial event, and we can see that clearly by simply looking at the situation in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night.

Firstly, despite the fact that we’ve had four days of riots, the cops allowed people to gather all day long in Washington. There is no possible reason why you would allow this, unless you wanted a riot.

When night fell, they did what everyone knew they were going to do and set the city on fire.

Like, literally: the entire city was burning.

There were fires right in front of the White House and the church across the street from the White House was set on fire.

Then, and this is what you need to understand, at just after 12, they imposed a curfew. Cops went in with tear gas and just cleared out the entire city.

By 1 AM, the city was completely empty.

The fires were out and riots had totally ceased.

Bing, bang, boom.

Clean streets.

That’s how easy it is to end a riot, kids.

So what does that say about the rest of these riots across all of America that are not being stopped?

Well, it means that they want them to happen. That is the only possible conclusion that anyone can reach here. We know how to end a riot. You use tear gas. No one can withstand tear gas. They have to have gas masks, and none of these blacks do.

Any riot where the rioters do not have gas masks can be ended in under an hour. The reason that the riots in Hong Kong have been such a massive problem for the Chinese is that the rioters have gas masks, provided for them by the various US State Department-backed groups.

Many of them also wear armor to protect from rubber bullets.

When rioters have gas masks, things get more complicated, and you have to come up with different ways to contain the riot.

You cannot avoid tear gas without a full gas mask and goggles. It gets into your eyes and it incapacitates you.

If rioters do not have gas masks, the riot can be ended in under an hour, as we just saw Sunday night in D.C.

And yet across the United States, these riots are happening and the cops are pretending that they do not have the ability to end them.

They are also standing down and saying that the cops are not going to risk their lives to prevent a riot, which is actually insane.

This narrative of “cops aren’t going to risk their lives to enforce the law” is something that must have come from the top, because it’s being used by every police department to explain why they’re not stopping riots.

Of course, the actual reason they are not stopping these riots is that they want these riots to happen. That is the only possible explanation.

What’s more, we have examples across the country of someone setting up supplies for the rioters.

Pallets of bricks are appearing in cities in areas with no construction. Someone is just dropping these off in the road.

What’s more: on Sunday, the Minneapolis Police Department announced that they were finding materials for starting fires hidden in caches throughout the city, including water bottles filled with gasoline.

It’s quite something for the police to announce that, but I already knew this was happening – how else would these blacks be starting fires? The blacks are not bringing gasoline to these protests, and yet somehow, everything is on fire.

As I said on Sunday: people can call me a “conspiracy theorist” if they want to, but all I am doing is observing what is happening and then describing it.

There is no argument to be made that the cops in all of these cities don’t have the option to stop these riots. It is an absolutely indisputable fact that they are choosing not to stop these riots. We can theorize as to why they’re choosing not to stop the riots, and we probably should theorize about that, but the basic fact of reality is that this is an artificial event.

Furthermore, we can see as a matter of fact that all of these various cities are making the same decision to not stop the riots, which can only mean that it is coordinated.

The best explanation I can come up with – and this is a theory, but I believe it is true – is that they want the people to demand the military be sent out on the streets.

Donald Trump is stupidly playing into this, because apparently he doesn’t even have one person close to him to tell him the obvious fact that “tear gas works.”

What we know: by the fall, we are going to have military on the streets of America, and then the second wave of the coronavirus hoax is going to come.

So, get ready for that. It’s going to be a weird scene.