How the (((MEDIA))) is Failing to Perform Due Diligence and How You Can Help Stop It

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

There was a rally for free speech in Boston recently, and the lying Jew media is reacting to it exactly as is expected.

The SPLC, of course, also has condemned such a rally, claiming if we were good people the rally would be canceled because of some dead fat commie whore and two idiot cops who fell asleep in pilot class.

As we mentioned previously, the Jews are using levels of Jew magic which shouldn’t even be possible and probably requires sacrificing 9-year-old virgins with a knife carved out of a Gentile statue destroyed by their shabbos goys on an underseas alter.

To study and stop this new Jew magic which has given them the ability to unperson somebody and completely remove them from everywhere but a hellscape of pedophiles and assassins, we need donations.


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