How the Media and the Legal System Conspire to Destroy Someone

Saboteur 365
July 13, 2014

George Zimmerman is unemployed and homeless according to court documents related to his divorce from wife Shelli. The two are pictured in court last year when he faced charges for killing young Black thug Trayvon Martin in self-defence.

It’s easy in a country that no longer follows the rule of law to destroy someone. The United Satanic States of America follows a script.

Falsely charge them with a crime.

Demonize them in the press.

Bankrupt them.

See how easy that is.

That’s why the saboteur model works. Remain stealthy. Work under the radar to restore the rule of law and decency. Withdraw from the Satanic System.

Here’s an update on “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman.

At first George was promoted as being White.

Daily Mail:

George Zimmerman may have escaped prison time, but at least in lock-up he’d have a bed of his own.

Nearly one year after he was acquitted in the February 2012 shooting death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, 30-year-old Zimmerman is reportedly homeless, unemployed and broke – with less than $1,000 to his name.

The sad details of Zimmerman’s life post-trial were revealed in court documents filed as he begins divorce proceedings with wife Shellie.

While the soon to be ex-Mrs Zimmerman supported her husband during the trial last year, the two separated just two months after the July 2013 acquittal when he left her and started seeing someone new.

According to the financial affidavit Zimmerman filed last month, he only has $650 in his bank account, and $14,000 in assets which is mainly his 2008 Honda pickup.

The young Black thug.

Brother Robert Zimmerman Jr says he doesn’t have a home, but rather moves around sleeping at the homes of friends a supporters.

Despite that, Zimmerman manages to spend more than $3,000 a month, with $100 each month on vacations and another $200 to psychological counseling. He spends an estimated $350 a month on medical care.

That kind of spending is shocking since Zimmerman claims he is $2.5million in debt, most of which is owed to defense attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West.

A legal defense fund that raised over $400,000 has a balance of just $300 today.

It’s unclear how Zimmerman continues to fund his lifestyle, as the affidavit says he has no current income.

One of the only assets Zimmerman has left is his pickup truck, shown here getting pulled over for a speeding ticket, straight after he was found not guilty.