How Jews Create Alternative Realities for the Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

Last week the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, claimed that there are currently hundreds of open investigations into White Supremacist terrorists. I noted that this is completely insane, given that we have only had a few White Supremacist acts of violence in all of American history. The idea that there are hundreds of people to investigate is ludicrous.

So, who are all these people? 

Probably, they are autistic people in chat rooms that the feds are trying to talk into saying they’re going to do some violent act so they can swoop in on them and say they “stopped a terrorist attack.”

But the real purpose of him coming out and saying this was to put the narrative out there, so that CNN, NYT, WaPo and every Twitter Jew can say “FBI SAYS THAT WHITES ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS” over and over and over again.

One commenter offered insight into the way Jews simply produce new realities:

This is Jews manufacturing truth or manufacturing reality.

You have to understand that this FBI guy’s entire purpose was to put this phrase about White Supremacists being the majority of terrorist attacks into the public sphere. That was his entire motivation for being given the opportunity to put this soundbite into the public space so that the next step could happen, which is the Jew York Times reporting on it and quoting a senior FBI guy.

Jews do not believe in an objective truth like whites do, where “facts” are merely lying around in the public space just waiting to be discovered, and then with those “facts” can all be eventually correlated and corroborated and categorized in order to come to some sort of eventual “conclusion” about objective truth or objective reality.

Jews manufacture “truth” just like they manufacture public opinion- no differently. So conversely, Jews start with the soundbite that they want to hear from the senior FBI fellow, and then only after that soundbite about whites being the terrorists is out in the public sphere do Jews even attempt to back that up with quantitative or qualitative “facts.” Most of the time they don’t even try to use “facts” at all but merely rhetoric and dialectic.

That is why this appears so strange to us whites, because even as we know the FBI is corrupted to all hell, we still picture the FBI almost needing to follow this sort of legal procedure where they aren’t just pulling nonsensical happenings out of their ass. However, this is The Jew manufacturing a truth here mainly through bold assertion… Chutzpuh!

The FBI guy is not only quoted by the Jew York Times and all the other mainstream JewsMedia, but by all the yellow stars on Twitter too each and every time people get into one of those familiar arguments about how blacks and browns do more terrorism than anyone else. Now the chosenite can stand up and say “Akkkshually…,” and 9 out of 10 people in that conversation will take the FBI’s word on the matter. That 10th person who decides to look at things a little closer won’t be believed anyway because he’s either a conspiracy theorist or a white supremacist himself by default.

This is how Jews have molded the entire modern world, and it’s why nothing these days pushed by the mainstream makes any sense and why almost none of it can be backed up with anything resembling facts by any of us… Keep in mind that only white people (and mostly only white men) even think like this, so what the JewsMedia is doing here is appealing to the mind of the Jew, the woman, and the black and brown, who all think in terms of emotional reasoning.

The Jew is just giving those groups the confirmation bias that they all crave, but at the same time he is manufacturing a much bigger macro-narrative that in the long-run will provide many political dividends for the Jew World Order.

And that is that story.

We are living in a totally manufactured reality.

A Matrix, if you will.

It is manufactured by Jews, and it is enforced by very sadistic homosexuals.