How Does Gucci Keep Endorsing These Garbage Rappers?

I just watched the newest video feat. Gucci Mane, and as always, his part is fine, but every single other rapper in this video is garbage.

How is Gucci so good, but somehow endorses only garbage rappers?

He’s really condoning these Future and Drake (JEW) tier rappers by simply having bad taste.

How does someone as brilliant as Gucci not have any taste at all?

The single “okay” rapper that Gucci brought up was Waka Flocka Flame, who was… really not very good at all.

But for sure the best of the bunch.

And Waka went out and threatened to kill Gucci.

This really is the problem with nigger – sorry, I mean “colored people” – culture.

It’s ultimately Gucci’s fault.

The greatest rapper of the entire era, possibly (and in actual fact) the greatest of all time, can’t manage to bring up a decent rapper.

Lil Baby, DaBaby, et al. – they suck.

Lil Baby went on to endorse this Nicki Minaj tier garbage, and record songs with that faggot Future.

What did you do, Gucci?

And more importantly: why did you do it?

Frankly, the whole thing makes me think I’m wrong in telling people to lose weight. Ever since Gucci got jacked, he’s lost the plot.

Gucci is at the point where he is releasing old shit from when he was fat.

But I will say that “Richer Than Ererybuddy” was a good album.

“So Icy Summer” isn’t bad either. Or rather, Gucci isn’t bad on it. Every other rapper on the album is garbage.

But he needs to be responsible in who he endorses.

This is the root of black culture we’re talking about.

We have enough problems with these niggers – sorry, I mean with these people of color – without Gucci endorsing this garbage.

Gucci, get your game together man. The future of niggerdom – sorry, I mean black America – is on your shoulders, buddy.

“CEO Flow” was very good tho (no feat on that).

(Note: “pull up in a Buick, my lawyer is Jewish.”)