How Dare He?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2018

A semi-popular comedian is getting attacked over this tweet.

I can’t find the lie.

He’s not even like, hardcore.

He was semi-beta about it when confronted, but didn’t cuck on the original statement.

He does some DR3, but sticks to his guns re: the initial tweet.

Here’s some of his stand up, in case you’re curious. It’s meh.

He knows this gets attention now. Addressing the elephant in the room. It is good for business, assuming you don’t go too far.

So he is saying what everyone is thinking.

Our narrative IS going mainstream.

Don’t let them gaslight you.

We are close to a breakthrough, where we’re going to be able to say all of this stuff publicly without fear of violent reprisal or losing our jobs.

We already have the numbers.

It’s just a matter of pushing a little bit harder against the repression machine.