How Come Mongorians Can be Proud of Genghis Khan?

Daily Stormer
March 11, 2018

Genghis Khan was really mean

Recently in Japan, there was a minor controversy regarding a gag manga that showed a picture of Genghis Khan with a dick drawn on his forehead.

Shokakugan, one of the biggest publishers in Japan and the owner of the magazine in question cucked on the matter after Mongorians in Japan staged a protest and the Mongorian embassy whined about it and said the drawing is “lacking morality.”

How dare they be so disrespectful to the SINGLE GREATEST BUTCHER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?

Now, the thing itself is irrelevant, so I’m not gonna focus on it – anyone who’s so bored that they feel the need for details can read about it here.

What is relevant is how the Mongorians reacted to their national hero – who also happened to be the single most destructive non-Jew who ever lived – being even slightly insulted in some random magazine that few people even read.

Genghis Khan and the Mongor Empire killed, by most estimates, around 40 million people which, while less in raw numbers than Stalin or Mao’s regimes, constituted about 10-15% of the planet’s population at that time – so percentage wise, even more than communism as a whole.

And they didn’t just kill their enemies – torture and rape was systematically used, and entire villages and cities were killed to literally the last one if they offered even a smidgen of resistance. Most Chinese states and east-European countries are estimated to have lost more than half of their populations to the horde, and Persia might have lost as much as 90% of it’s population during the 3 years the Mongorians waged war on it.

And unlike most other empires, the Mongorian one didn’t have any higher aspirations, not even as a pretense. There was no “Civilizing Mission” and no “Spreading the word of the true God to savages” or even a pretense of self-defense.

They just conquered because they could.

In spite of this, there is no “Mongorian guilt” in Mongoria, no desire in those people to flood their country with millions of Syrian child refugees from Nigeria and mongrelize themselves out of existence as penance for the conquests of their ancestors.

Quite the contrary, many Mongorians today are eagerly waiting for Genghis Khan to reincarnate so they can do it all over again.

Mongorians in Japan, protesting some stupid cartoon

And you know what – that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

It is perfectly normal for a nation to revere their leaders, especially the ones who fought and killed for their people.

We used to be like that, before the Jews took over our mass-media and educational systems.

Americans are now told to be ashamed of the fact that their ancestors slaughtered some shit-tier Chinks and used monkey people from the sub-Sahara as farm equipment, Spaniards are told to be ashamed for retaking their country and getting rid of the Moslem hordes and the kikes who opened the gates for them, the British are told to be ashamed of bringing a semblance of civilization to the planet’s latrine that is India, etc.

And of course – we’re all supposed to hate ourselves for the imaginary gas chambers where billions of Jews were transformed into detergent and furniture by Mengele’s army of Nazi Werewolves.

But that’s not going to be imaginary much longer.

That particular Jewish fantasy is going to come true.

And after these werewolves have completed their cleaning product and furniture manufacturing project, our descendants will honor us for it, just like Mongorians today honor Genghis Khan for turning most of Eurasia into an ocean of blood.