Houston: Chimpout Over New Air Jordan Release

Daily Stormer
December 15, 2014

Whereas Whites have a guilt-based social order and Asians and their derivatives (Mexicans) have a shame-based social order, the Negroid social order is based on status. One can easily observe this in any rap song, which is only them talking about all the things they have, plus how many of their enemies they killed; White music, on the other hand, is very romantic, while Asian music is mostly just wind pipes and whistles. 

The most important thing in their entire lives are the newest Nike products.

Houston found this out recently, when a total chimpout went down over the release of new Air Jordans.


Nearly 50 law enforcement officers were called out to Willowbrook Mall in northwest Houston overnight after people waiting to get their hands on the newest Air Jordan shoes started to get rowdy.

They were in line for the Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue sneakers. The sneakers cost about $200 and will be released next Saturday. But in order to get the sneakers then, shoppers had to line up today.

Close to 600 people lined up outside the mall for their chance to get a ticket to buy the Jordans.

The mall set up a single barricade to keep people in line, but on the west side of the mall, a crowd of people tried to push through the barricade and force their way inside. Things got so intense that police were called in to control the crowd.

Some even threw rocks at glass windows in an attempt to get in early.

Shopper Katrice Stapleton said, “I came out to get some shoes the 11’s for my kids and so far it has been chaos. Complete chaos. They were throwing rocks trying to break the glass and get into the store. That happened about three times and they tried to bum-rush the court to get into the mall.”

“Muffuggeh ah gas ta ges dem shues. Ef ah aine ges dem shues, ah has to keel yo azz.”

Clearly, just on a practical level alone, it is completely retarded to allow Blacks to live in the same society as Whites. It violates basic logical sense.

They are funny though.

I would respect liberals a lot more if that was their argument, like “we need to keep paying for these Blacks forever because of all of these funny things they do that we then get to see on news reports on YouTube! The racists want to stop the fun for all of us because they hate laughing! End racism now!”