Houston: Caesar Leads Black Lives Matter Protesters on Horseback

Black Lives Matter protesters protesting George Floyd’s coronavirus death have left their forest headquarters and marched towards what’s left of our cities.

They were led by their riders, and they quickly flooded the streets with their numbers.

No one appears to have been hurt by their display of dominance this time.

But how long until they decide to claim the city as their territory?

Daily Mail:

Horseback protesters earlier this week led the line as 60,000 citizens demonstrated peacefully against the death of George Floyd in his hometown of Houston.

‘Black Cowboys Matter,’ was printed on at least one of the riders’ shirts as they made their way through Floyd’s hometown on Tuesday.

Some of the 30 members of the Nonstop Riders urban trail riding club grew up with Floyd in Houston’s Third Ward, making their ride through the city especially poignant.

Lynn Price told ABC13: ‘I understand all the anger that everybody has from the community. It’s a little different when you know somebody.

‘It hits home and then when you’ve been knowing them for more 20-something years, it’s like man, him? His whole character, I have nothing bad to say about him.’

As the horses made their way through the streets many cheered and Price believed people were moved by seeing the stunning animals.

‘Almost thirty people deep on horses and nothing happened. People rubbing them and saying hi and all that, it was a good energy, we just need to keep the vibe going,’ Price said.

We’re not here for the cheering. We’re here to show Floyd that we’re really here for you and we’re going to do it every day, whatever we have to do,’ he added.

The riders joined tens of thousands of other demonstrators on foot who made their way from Discovery Green public park to City Hall.

Terrence Floyd, a sibling, told the crowd: ‘Never, never man, would I have thought we’d have this many people, man, for my brother. I love y’all, man.’

He also pleaded with demonstrators across the US to remain peaceful as he described how violent acts would only breed more violence, The Daily Beast reported.

‘You’re shaming all our names, not just his name,’ Terrence Floyd said. ‘It’s bigger than my brother. We got kids growing up. We tryin’ to break the cycle right now.’

He added: ‘Pay close attention to the smaller things. They’re expecting you to behave unbecomingly, they’re expecting you to carry yourself like a fool.’

The rally in downtown was largely peaceful, aside from some minor scuffles towards the end, and had been organized by rappers Bun B and Trae tha Truth.

I wonder where the health care workers are.

Remember when they “counter protested” the people who were demanding the lockdown to end because they wanted to work, and were saying that the protesters were risking people’s lives by protesting?

Remember when the Michigan governor said that by leaving their homes to protest, the protesters created a reason to extend the lockdown?

Where are all of those health care workers and concerned governors now?

Where is the virus right now?

Why aren’t all of the George Floyd protesters falling ill and dying of coronavirus?

Could it be that everything is a blatant hoax?