Houston: Baboon Lives Matter Hoots and Hollers for Reasons Yet to be Determined

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

If only the police didn’t drug test and do background checks. Then everything would be perfect!

As I reported previously, Houston was recently declared the most vibrant hell-hole in the United States. The Jewsual suspects and their minority minions seemed to jump for joy in response to the news that the city was less white. But for some sourpuss simians, this news just wasn’t good enough.

Houston Chronicle:

Shouts of “Black Lives Matter!” echoed down Houston streets Saturday during a spirited solidarity march ending outside City Hall, where activist Ashton Woods announced his intention to run for City Council in 2019.

It’s time for new people to be in office. It’s time for new people to take the helm and to protect people who are marginalized and on the fringes,” he said in an interview before the rally. “As you can see, new fringes are being created every day.”

The irony of this monkey whining about how racist everything is and how there needs to be change in who runs the city is that his people are currently at the helm. Houston has been under liberal Democratic rule since forever. Just recently we went from a dyke mayor that thought the greatest issue facing our city was putting mentally ill cross-dressing men in the same restrooms as little girls to Democratic Negro who signals against the attempts to rid our country of the illegal mestizo menace. Hell, even the mestizo police chief is known for making asinine thinly-veiled anti-white statements about “right wing terror” being a greater threat than Moslems.

The gathering aimed to promote solidarity, support human rights and target police brutality.

“Today is the march for human rights,” Woods said. “Every community that you can think of has come under attack, so this event is a solidarity event.”

The use of vague universalist terms like “human rights” was pioneered by the Jews to camouflage their ulterior motives, in a similar way to how politicians use riders to sneak in legislation they know people would reject on sight.

This practice has been passed down to their pets. See, you agree with human rights, don’t you? And you’re against police brutality, right? Okay, good. Since you do, then you surely must agree with any other ridiculous demands that DaQuanTavius makes, like telling the police to quit arresting brown people when they break the law.

What exactly was all this ruckus about anyway? The Lugenpresse hasn’t been agitating on behalf of any dindus shot while on their way to the library lately. There were some signs asking for justice for a career criminal father of 9 who hung himself earlier this year, but that seems to have been largely forgotten. The whole event consisted of assorted leftist miscreants whining about everything from better treatment for the “homeless” (AKA bums) to how mean it is to deport invaders.

When you’ve got green-haired negresses, frumpy soccer moms and chicks that braid their armpit hair, who needs a cohesive singular message?

In typical leftist fashion, the event was a scatterbrained shitshow with no clear message or objective. Despite the puff-pieces put out by local media, it was clear that this event was directionless. Even the stupid groid they tried to highlight as some kind of up-and-coming activist couldn’t come up with a coherent soundbite for two seconds.

“It’s not about Donald Trump, you can impeach him all day,” Woods told the crowd from the steps of City Hall.

“But they got a bunch of Donald Trumps right here in Houston. So I’ve decided to raise hell in City Council.”

He went on to slam the city’s new ordinances targeting homelessness and panhandling and then vowed to “dismantle the f— out of the system.”


“Vote for me and I’ll dismantle the system” is pretty reflective of how a typical black thinks things work, but it gets even worse than that. Doing a little research into this Woods character yielded some frightening information. Not only is he a complete idiot but he’s literally an HIV-positive faggot and proud of it.

He even writes for something called POZ Magazine!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Clearly this guy has his head screwed on straight. Let’s give him some power.

There’s something going on with these queers and left-wing political activist organizations. Whether it’s DeeGay McKesson, David Brock, Scott Foval, that beaner I wrote about a while back … for some reason whoever’s funding these groups loves putting weaponized fags in charge. This needs to be investigated. There’s clearly some kind of AIDSy conspiracy afoot.

This news story highlights a few important things. The first is that no matter where you live, there are absolute scumbags running for local office. And they can get elected. Just look at the crown jewel of Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee.

Democracy in action.

Counter-measures need to be taken against these people. If you can, run for office yourself or find someone who can. If you can’t do that, I don’t care if your only other choice is a cuckservative – vote for him. Whatever it takes, just don’t let these people win. Would you really prefer some uppity AIDS patient making decisions for you?

It can and does happen.

The second thing is having true solidarity. These leftists threw that word around, but they had 17 different messages and no one was on the same page. Compare that with Charlottesville, where you had people there looking sharp, united for one goal. People will remember that. They won’t remember this low-energy non-event. Find common ground, unite and win.

The last thing is the importance of the message being something that people can comprehend. “Black Lives Matter” only reaches people because of funding from nefarious kikes like George Soros and the Jews Media amplifying that meaningless message ad nauseum. In the end, nobody really understands what it means, probably because they don’t actually matter, not even to them.

Conversely, the 14 Words is something that’s tangible. We’re not hiding behind phony universal principles. We’re trying to change the course we’re on so that our kids have a fighting chance. And that’s the only thing that matters.