Hotwheels Says He Only Told NYT He Wants 8chan Shut Down Because They Called Him When He was in a Bad Mood

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

People are mad that Hotwheels, the founder of 8chan who sold it a couple years ago to Jim Watkins, told the New York Times he wanted 8chan shut down.

I was upset at this, even though I’m pretty pissed off at Jim for switching to Bitmitigate after getting kicked off of Cloudflare in the middle of an outrage storm and getting my site taken offline. He could have just waited a week or even a couple days to sign up to Bitmitigate and nothing would have happened. But instead, he did it immediately, and of course, we saw the “chain-banning” phenomenon that always happens now, and so Stormer is also offline, along with a bunch of other Bitmitigate sites.

But I can be pissed off at Jim and 8chan without thinking they should be shut down. Of course they should not be shut down. That is an insane and evil claim. It isn’t illegal to host a website where mass shooters post manifestos. 8chan isn’t encouraging this and always deletes the threads (even though they’re not even required to delete the thread). Based on the archive link I have, the thread was only up for 15 minutes.

Along with the NYT comments, Hotwheels celebrated 8chan getting kicked off of Cloudflare on Twitter.

However, during Hotwheels’ appearance on the Ralph Retort Monday morning, he said that he only told the NYT this because he was in a bad mood when they called him.

In the first part of the show, he babbled incoherently about “things the 8chan team can do,” none of which made any sense. Thankfully, Ralph also had on Josh Null, the owner of KiwiFarms, to push back against Hotwheels’ nonsense (Ralph is a professional interviewer and doesn’t push hard against guests, who he just allows to say their piece). Eventually, responding to Null’s pushback, Hotwheels said that basically, he is just frustrated with people like the tranny Brianna Wu calling for him to be extradited from the Philippines to America to face charges for hosting a legal website (which he hasn’t owned or been associated with since 2016), and the NYT called him at a bad time, and he doesn’t actually think the site should be shut down.

He also commented on the fact that the NYT claimed that he wanted the site shut down because he had come to Jesus. He said that actually, the only thing he told those Jews is that he was on his way to church, and they spun that as “he has a religious opposition to mass shootings now.” Of course, this is nonsensical, as any good Christian would support Mexicans getting shot up at Walmart.

I think it was stupid for Hotwheels to even give an interview to the manipulative, lying Jews of the New York Times, but his claim was that he has to give interviews or they will blame him for the shootings. Of course, it doesn’t actually matter if they blame him for shootings. I get blamed for shootings and other crimes constantly by the Jews. Who cares? Jews are liars and they lie about everything, this is known. Saying “I talked to the Jews so they wouldn’t lie about me” is like saying “I talked to the wolf so he wouldn’t eat me.”

However, even after telling Ralph that he doesn’t really think the site should go down, Hotwheels is still sort of shilling on Twitter.

Though it seems like mainly he has a personal vendetta against Jim Watkins.

I also have a personal vendetta against Jim Watkins, because he fucked me (even though this wasn’t on purpose, it was so stupid I cannot forgive it ever). But I don’t think 8chan should be taken offline because of that. No website should be taken offline, ever. Especially not for a reason as retarded as “omg someone posted on your site before shooting up the Walmart to clear out some of these disgusting spics.”

Also on the Ralph show, Hotwheels said I might host a site for mass shooters to post their manifestos! I want to say point blank that I will not do that, I do not work with or endorse mass shooters. I think they’re funny, but other than that, I do not endorse. Basically, if people are going to do this (and one thing I am willing to admit is that there is no way to stop people from doing this), they should just post their manifestos on mainstream sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pastebin, etc.

There are a whole lot of websites that let you post things on the internet. Posting hot shit like a mass shooting manifesto on an already hot website is stupid. The whole concept of “lone wolf” is that they’re supposed to be lone, not attaching themselves to websites that later get fucked.

However: as stupid as it is, I totally recognize that there is no way to stop this from happening. And as stated: it isn’t even illegal anyway.

We need laws to protect free speech in America. We already have the First Amendment, but it is just being disregarded, so apparently we need a new law. Donald Trump should be focusing on that, instead of talking about shutting down video games or whatever stupid bullshit he’s saying.