Hotwheels is Not Looking So Hot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2019

I just found this recent picture of Hotwheels, and he isn’t looking so hot.

He needs to hit the gym.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any new news on the 8chan situation, it’s because there isn’t any.

The only thing that has happened is that the NYT – the fakest of the fake news – falsely blamed them for a shooting in Norway, even though their site is still down.

They almost outright refused to correct it, similarly to the way the HuffPo blog is refusing to correct actual fake quotes they’ve been printing from me.

As far as 8chan coming back online – there is no news at all.

The last Twitter post from the site’s admin was August 7th.

As the saying goes, “no news is bad news,” or whatever.

I have no idea what they’re going to do.

It’s too bad that Hotwheels doesn’t still run it, actually, because he would probably be able to work out some kind of solution.

I am just simply disgusted by this situation. 8chan had no way to keep people from posting shooting manifestos on their site. And they are not being accused of any crime. But an organized colluding conspiracy of tech monopolies is able to simply ban them from the internet and they have no recourse.

Understand that this will be used against others in the near future.

That is how the slippery slope works.

We all saw it on Twitter and everywhere else.

Twitter first banned Chuck Johnson, MILO and this writer for making fun of the blacks. Now everyone just gets banned for anything and you can’t even post normie Donald Trump memes without getting suspended. Same thing on YouTube, Facebook, etc. – they start out banning someone they can convince millions of people is evil, then they start banning others, who no one actually thinks is evil.

They make the claim that “these are private companies and America is a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist nation” when they ban you from social media, but what is the claim when they ban your website entirely from the internet? How is that justified? That the entire internet is a private company?

This is a violation of the First Amendment, all of it. We should have rights. But we don’t anymore, because America is completely lawless.

We’ll see about Trump’s executive order. But I’m not hopeful.