Hot Take: Slavoj Zizek Believes Trump Rode Communist Wave Into Office

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

I can’t believe this guy collects a paycheck. What a retarded take.


Across political lines, young Americans (aged 18-29) in general are split on capitalism and socialism. 51 percent of Americans aged 18-29 view socialism positively, while 45 percent view capitalism positively, down 12 points in just two years.

Slavoj Zizek sees the shift as a realization that for some, the American Dream just isn’t real.

“The roots of this disappointment can be easily identified” he told RT. ”The working class, but also the middle class feels betrayed. Generally, there’s widespread awareness that the American system doesn’t function the way people expected it to function.”

“The message is very hopeful,” Zizek said about the poll, which he said shows that quite a large part of the US population “no longer identifies with the American dream.” He described the drop in support for Capitalism as the “beginning of the end of what in learned terms we call ideological hegemony.”

Yeah, okay, clickbait title aside, I suppose Zizek has a point.

Economic disenfranchisement probably played a part in Trump’s election.

But Zizek is a one-trick pony. Everything is just about the Communist revolution that is assuredly, eventually going to happen. And it’s like, does anybody really even believe in this shit anymore?

Why do they keep giving this guy airtime?

Think about it. The ramblings of some random Communist are taken seriously by the media which seems to have appointed Zizek the official still-living Communist.

Some more rambling:

The only thing that can save the US is a stronger, more radical left,” Zizek claims.

Where is the left?

The radical left Zizek talks about exists, but has been muscled out by the Democratic party’s more centrist establishment. The establishment, he argues, “should look at their own Democratic Party, how they totally ignored a clear, more leftist, anti-capitalist signal from Bernie Sanders and his movement.”

Lol. What a delusion.

Yes, there is a neo-liberal left. A left that basically only cares about maximizing corporate profits, spreading The Gay and opening the borders to scab labor. It is strange that they’re called “the Left” at all.

But the “true” left is not that different.

What Zizek and all these race-blind political theorists talk about is so stupid because they don’t understand the vehicle that these “reforms” will take.

The vehicle will be brown people. And brown people will talk about implementing socialism…but it’s not going to look anything like Sweden or Germany (before the invasion).

Sanders was a popular figure, particularly with young voters. By running Hillary Clinton instead, the centrist establishment “failed the expectations of the American people”

However, since Clinton’s miserable performance in 2016, the ‘progressive’ movement championed by Sanders has slowly seeped into the mainstream. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the Bronx this June, when self-professed ‘democratic socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez snatched a stunning primary victory, ousting ten-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley, a more centrist, suit-and-tie Democrat.

Is this an indicator of Communist ideas seeping into the mainstream or the changing demographics?

People like Zizek – race-blind Boomers – don’t realize that what is really happening is brown people coming into their own politically. It’s a tribal shift…not a shift in values. And sure, brown people are more pro-socialist… so long as Socialism is defined by White people giving them more free shit.

It’s like…damn. How can these high-level thinkers make such stupid mistakes? It’s amateur hour.

I could be a better philosopher than Zizek, by far.

Why? Because I don’t have a huge blind spot regarding race in my conception of the world. I can do the class warfare stuff, I can do the whole Marxist critique – that shit is easy, and then I just add some race to the whole theory and BOOM, just like that, I understand the world better, can make more educated critiques of the situation, AND I can make more accurate predictions of the future.