Hot Take on Biden’s Comments About the African American Community Not Being Diverse

In yet another bizarro world elder abuse circus sideshow interview, Joe Biden on Thursday said, “not many people know this, but unlike the African-American community, the Latino community is incredibly diverse.”

President Trump of course went out and white-knighted for the blacks, because Jared Kushner is still telling him black rioters are going to vote for him as long as he doesn’t arrest them. And that was the news story – “Trump white knights for pickaninnies after grumpy old Joe says they have a hive-mind.”

Joe Biden then apologized, as has become a standard ritual after every interview.

But the actual maybe sort of interesting thing is that Biden said what he said.

Firstly, what he said is just a statement of fact. A staggering 29% of “Latinos” voted for Trump while a mere 8% of blacks did.

The reason for this is that the “community” as we’re calling it is literally “diverse.”

Firstly, it’s a big area that falls under this banner.

The people from communist countries are obviously off the bat voting 100% Republican, because the reason they are here is to plan a military invasion of their home countries to reinstall themselves as the elite.

People like Marco Rubio, a Cuban immigrant, are basically foreign agents operating a government in exile, planning to use the US military to take back their homelands. Rubio went down and personally tried to lead an armed revolt on the Venezuelan border, remember.

He was tweeting murder threats against Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro.

It was weird.

There are at least 11 million Cubans in America, and they hold down Florida for the GOP.

Then you have the fact that “Latinos,” who have been here a while, maybe were born here even, have gotten jobs and built a life for themselves, and don’t want poor people from Guatemala rushing the place and screwing up a nice thing they’ve got. Probably, they also don’t feel particularly sympathetic, as they know all of these sob stories are just made up, having been there themselves (or heard the stories from their parents).

The Mexican labor leader in California, Cesar Chavez, was famously against illegal immigrants, who he called “wetbacks.” He said they were coming to lower the wages of local Mexicans. So there’s some of that sentiment.

Then you have the fact that some “Hispanics” are basically just white Spanish people from these countries. They come here and have as much chance of voting Republican as any other whites, I guess.

Republican immigration shills will tout Cubans and so on as a reason to support Hispanic immigration, but this is obviously total crap, because overall, the balance sheet on Latino immigration is always going to favor Democrats.

Blacks, obviously, are monolithic, as virtually all of them are poor, live on welfare, and just want money and free things from the government.

What was interesting though is that Biden, in his senility, was repeating something from the strategy room, which gets said often I’m sure. Appealing to minorities is of course a big part of Democrat strategy, and so they are constantly thinking about these different groups of Hispanics and how to bribe them with offers.

It would be funny if Biden started saying more of this stuff from behind the scenes. But I doubt that will happen very much. I’m certain they’ve cut him out of any strategy discussions, or any discussions at all at this point. He is literally a vegetable. He just gets coached all day by speech coaches, trying to get him to memorize his lines and speak in clear sentences.

It is truly an insane concept to run a completely senile old man, who is nearly 80 years old, as a presidential candidate. It’s so bold, I’m pretty much in awe of it.

I think that there is something here, where the “deep state” is getting off on the idea of having a puppet in charge. I heard Tom Pappert of the National File say something like this: if “Joe Biden” does something, everyone in the country is going to know that Joe Biden the person didn’t really do it. If you hear “Joe Biden has introduced a plan to do [x thing],” you’re going to know it wasn’t Joe Biden’s plan. So whose plan was it? It makes sense that they want people thinking like that – knowing that their president is a literal vegetable, and there is someone behind the scenes running everything.

I mean, you can say “all presidents are puppets,” and to a degree that would be true, but this is taking it to an ultra-extreme, where this guy literally doesn’t even know where he is.

Donald Trump also said Biden would “hurt God” and is “against God.”

Pretty good stuff.

“Joe Biden” released a statement saying he isn’t against God.

Niggas be actin like dat old mf done been wrote dat shit, pllleeeaayyyyzz.

I just want to see some more of Biden’s car videos, honestly.