Hot Stuff Miami: Cops Open Fire on a Crowded Highway, Killing Two Robbers and Two Innocents

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2019

Police have gone completely nuts.

On Thursday, they got involved in a high-speed chase and then a shootout in the middle of the highway in Miami.

They killed the two jewelry store robbers. And they killed two innocent people. While 19 of them fired over 200 rounds at a UPS truck that had a hostage in it.

The media is doing their best not to report that the cops did this, just saying “two other people died.”


Family members and friends are mourning the loss of a UPS driver and young father, killed after being taken hostage by two armed robbers in Miramar.

WFOR reported the name of the driver as Frank Ordonez, one of four people killed in the incident. His brother told CBS Miami he’d been a driver with UPS for the past five years.

However, Thursday was Ordonez’s first day as a UPS driver.

Ordonez leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.

The ordeal began as an armed robbery and possible shooting at Regent Jewelers in Coral Gables on Thursday afternoon. A female employee suffered injuries in the armed robbery.

Police said the armed robbery suspects then carjacked a UPS truck as the driver was making deliveries.

Police said the two armed robbery suspects stole a U-Haul truck before carjacking a UPS truck.

The police chase ended with the armed robbery suspects and police exchanging gunfire on Miramar Parkway, just west of Flamingo Road. According to CBS Miami, 19 officers from five different agencies fired into the UPS truck. The number of shots fired could exceed 200 rounds.

The two armed robbers were killed. A civilian motorist was also killed in the shootout.

It was literally shown on TV that they were holding the driver hostage, but the cops just went ahead and shot him anyway.

Right in the middle of that crowded road they opened fire on the truck.

Here’s a video of Ordonez getting killed by cops as he tries to escape the truck.

You can tell that’s him crawling out, because he’s got the brown UPS shirt on.

They didn’t just kill the hostage – they killed someone in one of the surrounding cars!

The police are out there bragging that none of them died.

These badge niggers were going absolutely nuts, acting like they were back in Nam, right among what must have been dozens of civilians on that highway.

This is nuts. It’s a miracle they didn’t just shoot everyone there, then go on Twitter bragging, like “don’t worry guys, we’re all fine.”

What kind of country allows their “law enforcement officers” to just shoot random people?

The cops are all brown people.

I assume everyone involved was a brown person. The identities haven’t been released of the other three dead, but I assume they were some form of Latino. They would be the only ones who would think they could get away with robbing a jewelry store in 2019.

Miami-Dade county is only 13.1% white, and probably all of those are Jews, Russians or Russian Jews.

If this looked like a scene out of the third world, that’s because that’s what it was.

The robbers and the cops both appeared to believe they were playing Grand Theft Auto. The robbers thought they could rob a jewelry store and then just run away and hide somewhere. The cops thought the robbers had 5 stars so it was time to drive them off the freeway and just start opening fire like madmen.

I guess that’s just the way real life works, now that everyone is brown.

But look: we have the video footage showing that the cops (and maybe the local news) were chasing the UPS truck in a helicopter. They obviously weren’t going to lose them. The guys weren’t going to shoot down a helicopter.

What you’re supposed to do is wait for them to get stuck, then clear out civilians and negotiate for the hostage. You’re not supposed to stop them in the middle of a busy highway and start opening fire and killing the hostage and random people.

And it should go without saying that it is better to let them get away with the jewels than to open fire in a crowded highway. Though with the helicopters on them, letting them get away was never an option anyway (I don’t know why the robbers didn’t know about police helicopters from GTA).

This is just really a shocking scene, even given how incompetent, hateful and colored I already know America’s Finest actually are.