Horsemen Sent in After Black Protesters Turn to Looting in…. Brussels, Belgium…?

Wait, what?


Like, the Brussels that is in… Belgium?

The blacks are rioting and looting there?



A massive anti-racism march has turned violent in Brussels, Belgium, as the most rowdy protesters turned to looting and assaulting police. At least one protester, however, did not seem to care about the mayhem at all.

Several videos on social media show a man sitting in a lounge chair in the middle of the road during the chaotic demonstrations in Brussels on Sunday – right as a mounted police squad was about to charge unruly protesters.

While the man’s badassery was certainly noteworthy, the skill of the mounted police officers was definitely exceptional as well, since they managed to squeeze their magnificent beasts past the protester without hitting him – or running into one another in the narrow road.

Another video shows that the man was the only one to remain in place, while other protesters broke ranks and fled from the advancing cavalry.

The Belgian capital is enduring its own wave of the US-inspired protests against institutionalized racism and police violence. The protest appears very similar to those in US and other European capitals, beginning peacefully before descending into chaos and looting.

Yes, yes… okay.

But who is organizing this? All over the world, the blacks are rising up all at once, and black people can’t even organize a drug dealing business. Literally, they have to have Mexicans come in to run their drug businesses.

I don’t believe these global riots are being organized by the blacks themselves.

We need to investigate.

What I do actually believe however is that with these endless riots, the blacks are not creating a lot of good will. Sure, there is this new emerging cult of white people who worship the blacks, but among the larger society, I think people are probably getting a bit, how shall we say… fatigued.

I mean, Belgians never owned slaves. What exactly do they have to feel guilty about? Just because they’re white, and other whites owned slaves? I guess that makes just as much sense as ANY single living American feeling guilty for slavery, which happened hundreds of years ago when I’m pretty sure none of us were born yet.

But I think Belgians are probably feeling a bit confused as to why, precisely, the blacks are rioting and looting their shops.

I honestly can’t even listen to rap music anymore. It just makes me sick to have any exposure at all to blacks after having watched them riot and loot for these weeks.