Horrible Black Woman from Ghostbusters Disaster Endorses Burning Constitution

Wow, what a nasty woman.


Former Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones says people participating in the nationwide protests in response to the police involved death of George Floyd should focus on voting — saying, “burn down this fucking Constitution’ — rather than burning property.

“I love that you guys are protesting and see how quick you did it. But I’m gonna tell you, to get the fuck what you really want, we’re going to have to change the fucking system. And to change the system, we have to fucking vote,” Jones said, reflecting on her role in the 1992 Los Angeles riots and expressed admiration for protesters. “You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this fucking Constitution. And we do that by fucking lifting our voice, by fucking voting… That’s how we really show them.”

Understand, this is the general view of the blacks, and of colored people in general.

They don’t have any understanding of the freedoms our Founding Fathers laid out for us, and they do not care.

If our Founding Fathers knew that we were going to include tens of millions of brown people in our citizenry, they obviously would have structured the country differently, in a way that would protect whites from these hordes.

Unfortunately, none of them ever could have imagined that we would take our slaves and make them citizens.

So this is where we’re at: celebrity blacks calling for the Constitution to be burned.