Hormone Disrupting Sunscreen Chemicals Accumulate in Bloodstream Beyond FDA Authorized Limit

Long before fake SCIENCE! was used to take away all of our rights, it was used to sell various useless poisons to gullible women, who would then use them to sicken their sons.

It was women who fashionably abused their infant babies by giving them cow milk byproducts instead of nursing them, just as it is women who are now most taken with the present flu hysteria.

It has always been women who fret and bother their family over sunscreen, to the detriment of everyone else.

There is growing evidence that these weird chemicals are harmful to human health. Every kid knows they are gross and stupid.

Wall Street Journal:

For the second time in less than a year, a study of common sunscreen ingredients has established that the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream at concentrations far greater than the Food and Drug Administration’s safety threshold.

The FDA study, which was published in January in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association, examined avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate and octinoxate—six of the most commonly used active ingredients in sunscreen.

Previous studies have indicated a possible association between some of the chemicals and health risks such as endocrine disruption and reproductive harm, but no comprehensive safety data are available.

In the FDA’s clinical trial of those ingredients, 48 healthy participants were randomly assigned to use one of four sunscreen products. The formulations included lotions and several kinds of spray.

Participants applied the sunscreens to 75% of their bodies once on the first day and four times on days two through four, the final day of application. The researchers collected 34 four blood samples over 21 days from each participant.

Concentrations of the active ingredients increased after each day of application, suggesting they had accumulated within the bloodstream.All of the ingredients remained above the FDA safety threshold on day seven, and two of the ingredients, homosalate and oxybenzone, remained above the threshold on day 21.

Cosmetics shills will never stop spreading panic about sunlight exposure and skin cancer.

Most of the skin cancer risk comes from getting burned.

You should obviously not burn yourself. White people do need to be careful in the tropics or in the brightest days of the year, but the most efficient way to avoid that is to not stand directly in the sun, and to wear clothing to cover your body.

The beach in Mexico at high noon is not really the place for a white person.

Beyond sunburn, spending too much time in the direct sun as a white person can also give you weird spots on your face – and sunscreen doesn’t really even seem to help with that issue.

That said, people generally know not to go right out in the direct sun in the first place, and the only reason they started doing it was because sunscreen was invented, and women want to show off their tits in the brightest light possible.

Direct sunlight might cause melanoma if you’re an idiot about it, but it should also be noted that sunlight exposure reduces the risk of other cancers by increasing Vitamin D and probably through other mechanisms. You can get that through indirect sunlight (sunlight that bounces off something else) or through sun that is not coming in at peak hours (typically 10AM-2PM).

Sun also increases your quality of life, by improving mood and sleep function, and because you’re outside and presumably being physically active. Nature is good for you, and people should spend more time in it. Trust your own instincts.