Hordes of Illegal Aliens from India Surge Across the Arizona Border, Demand Various Things

Brenda Walker
September 10, 2013


Not long ago, boosters of the Subcontinent assured the world that India was an emerging superpower and that this would be the “Indian Century.”

Now America’s southern border is being swarmed by illegal alien Indians claiming asylum by alleging persecution and torture. (The word “torture” is used in the video below though not in the article text.) So the glorious Indian future doesn’t seem to be working out.

Indians have no shortage of self-esteem, happy with the description that they are a model minority. They do achieve economically as a group (71 percent have at least a BA degree), but they are culturally misogynous and spiritually arrogant — see my 2007 report Dogs, Frogs and Dalits: The Indian Model Minority Has A Dark Side and also here.

Of course, genuine asylum seekers openly show up in airports to make their claims; these characters are just illegal border crossers who got caught and then launch into Plan B. The invasive pests pay up to $35,000 to get here, so obviously they are making an investment in their economic future. All the asylum liars should be repatriated yesterday.

Instead, if the sob story is compelling and artfully demonstrates the phrase “credible fear of persecution” the illegal aliens are released and told to show up for a hearing. Naturally they just disappear into America and we citizens are stuck with additional diverse moochers.

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