Hookers are the Heroes We Need Right Now, But Not the Ones We Deserve

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2019


Mr. Anglin recently explained why the “ICE Bae” phenomenon exposes the mommy syndrome most men suffer from nowadays.

There’s an underrated post by Mundus in the comment section talking about men who say they’d never pay for sex or that fucking hookers is gross:

This is literally like something a woman would say. These men have accepted female sexual imperatives and have been tricked into thinking that they’re somehow moral.

Women have always been the foremost group in criminalizing prostitution and socially shaming men who pay hookers and encouraging society to perceive prostitutes as “victims.”

What other option is there for ugly or undesirable men? They’re born with a virginity that’s a massive social negative they have to be rid of. Since prostitution isn’t an option, they’re stuck in the paradigm of desperately trying to appease women out of pure thirst. And women want things to remain this way because it’s central to female control.

Meanwhile, women get to take turns having sex with men they find desirable, and the undesirable men have been duped into thinking that there’s some amount of effort they can invest to make women “notice” them by providing for women. This is why women’s sexual liberation is so cancerous to society; it puts most men in a position of extreme social inferiority to enable female hedonism.

To develop further:

Women hate the idea of legal, widespread prostitution because prostitution puts a price tag to their sexuality, and right now women are making mad profit from their sexuality being perceived as priceless.

They tease and lead mean to believe that jumping through an indefinite number of hoops increases the likelihood of accessing Wet Tunnel™, and so men waste countless hours catering to women, stepping into their world and becoming their puppets in the hope of getting a taste of that salty, disgusting sweet, sweet fishy juice.

If prostitution were not only legal but also a socially accepted and encouraged practice, men would be fucking hookers on a regular basis, increasing the demand for prostitution and the number of hookers as a consequence of that (if demand increases and it is profitable and feasible to satisfy it, supply follows), which would mean that the value of sexual acts performed by women would eventually sink to the point where every man, no matter his economic situation, would be able to satisfy his sexual needs, even if only once in a while.

This is a nightmare scenario for women because the value of their sexual acts going down necessarily means that the value of the commitment of men increases.

It turns the tables on them.

If any man can pay for any sexual act he wants to do, then women would have to step up their game and offer something more than just their vaginas if they want to be anything more than a hooker.

That means that women would have to put in the effort to be interesting to be around post-ejaculation, restrain themselves to avoid becoming sluts and become valuable again. They’d have to bring something else to the table.

In other words, they’d have to go back to being mothers and wives and completely submit to men.

This scares the shit out of them because they’re intoxicated with the (illusion of) power that they gained through their “sexual liberation.”

The modern slut is immunized against all slurs: one may call her a filthy whore, worthless hole, parasite, gold-digger, it all runs off her like cum off her belly. But ask her “shouldn’t women be able to prostitute themselves if they wanted to? Their body, their choice?” and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

The current power of women, much like the power of Jews, depends on blurred lines and elastic, unclear rules. Once boundaries are clearly set and rules become simple and are easily understood and enforced, their power disappears. If their vaginas have a clear price tag, thirsty men won’t fall victims to their never-ending manipulation.

If thirsty men could just pay to get what they want instead of having to give away their blood to vampires for something that may never come, they’d invest their time in increasing their wealth — which would directly translate to an increased access to vaginas — instead of wasting their time playing butler for some dead-end woman.

Hookers are the heroes we need right now, but not the ones we deserve.

I celebrate every woman selfless and honest enough to decide to become a hooker. I encourage the rest to promptly follow their steps, and I say to them:

Become a hooker today!

Show me your brave heart!

I dedicate this song to them.

If given a second, anyone can run and give up
So just keep on walking

There’s something only you can do
So that this blue planet doesn’t lose it’s light

Seize! the dreams you had 
Protect! your beloved friends 
You can become stronger
Unknown power dwells in your heart, when its fire is lit
Any wish, it’s true
Will surely be granted… show me your brave heart!

Not every day is sunny, so sometimes
When a cold rain is falling, just open your umbrella

There’s no map of how to live, that’s why we’re free
You can go anywhere

Run! faster than the wind
Aim! farther than the skies
You can meet a new you
Unknown courage sleeps in your heart, and when you realize
The downpour in your heart
Will surely stop… show me your brave heart!

Seize! the bright tomorrow 
Protect! the ones you love
You can become stronger
Break! that weak self 
Destroy! the walls blocking you 
The warm beat of your heart will be your weapon
Believe in your heart