Hong Kong: Taxi Driver Plows Crowd, Gets Pulled Out of Car and Beaten

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

For those who don’t know, the taxi drivers in Hong Kong are all from the mainland. This one I guess just couldn’t take it anymore.

I wonder if this taxi driver had just watched Joker?

Is this the Joker incel attack we’ve been waiting for? 

New York Post:

A taxi plowed into a throng of demonstrators in Hong Kong, as the months of violence in the Chinese city continued Sunday, according to new reports.

Chilling video shows the red taxi turning into a crowd of umbrella-wielding demonstrators, mowing several down before crashing into a building, footage posted by Hong Kong Free Press shows.

Other images show protesters beating a man unconscious in the confusion. It was unclear if he was the driver, CNN reported.

Several demonstrators intervened to protect the man as he was being pummeled. He was among three listed in serious condition at a local hospital following the incident, the network said.

On Friday, a demonstrator slugged another civilian — a banker at JP Morgan Chase, who was attacked after telling them “we are all Chinese,” the South China Morning Post reported.

Yeah, they’re not doing well against the cops, who have body armor and such and are big strong men, so they’re just attacking randos on the streets who appear to disagree with their political agenda.

That’s what we call “human rights and democracy,” and it’s a beautiful thing.

How dare you question it?

If Hong Kong doesn’t rebel against China, then the weather is going to get hotter and the sea level will rise, you stupid, foolish Gelfling.