Hong Kong Releases Walking Corpses from Floating Grave as Japan Sentences All to Infection

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2020

Hong Kong only kept their walking corpses aboard the floating grave for 4 days.

South China Morning Post:

All passengers and crew members on the World Dream cruise ship quarantined in Hong Kong can leave the vessel on Sunday, with control measures completed, health authorities said.

Crew members on board, who possibly had contact with eight passengers infected with the coronavirus on a previous trip, tested negative for the disease. The results mean some 3,600 people forced into quarantine for more than four days can now leave the ship.

“All samples taken from crew members tested negative for coronavirus, therefore all health quarantine measures are completed,” according to a message broadcast by the Department of Health on the cruise, and obtained by the Post.

The World Dream left Hong Kong for Taiwan on February 2 carrying more than 1,800 passengers and about the same number of crew members.

It returned to the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on Wednesday after being turned away by Taiwanese authorities following the discovery that it had carried passengers infected with the virus during an earlier trip between Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, those aboard the cruise ship docked in Japan remain locked down on the infected boat, breathing recycled air that is sure to infect them all.

I personally don’t care, because cruise ships are absolutely vile and obscene and I think that anyone who would get on one deserves to die.

What sort of intelligence does a person have if they think it sounds like a good idea to get on a gigantic motel casino and float around?

This is truly like a floating trailer park. Or a floating section 8 complex.

Boomers truly have no taste, and this is something they should be punished for.