Hong Kong Protesters Defy Mask Ban with V for Cringe Masks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019

I might have had a tiny bit of respect for the CIA if they had sent their little faggot army out in masks from Joker.

They’re selling them all over the internet.

I’m sure the State Department could have told Joshua Wong “hey, we’ve got an idea…”

But no.

Of course not.

It’s V for Vendetta masks.

It’s always V for Vendetta masks.


Hong Kong protesters defied authorities on the first day of a face-mask ban, while the city’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam described overnight clashes as a “very dark day.”

A person was shot and injured Friday night, the second of the week, during a scuffle between a plain-clothes police officer and demonstrators who had attacked his car. The chaotic scene was one of many across the city, as some protesters battled with police, vandalized mainland-linked businesses and train stations, and set fire to at least one train.

Many businesses were closed on Saturday, the start of a three-day weekend, as the city mopped up after the violence. The protests followed warnings from opposition leaders that Lam’s decision to invoke a colonial-era emergency law to impose the ban would only further anger critics.

The Western media isn’t really mentioning how brutal this scene was.

They caught the cop on fire.

I still believe that Carry should resign.

And that Jackie Chan should be installed as Chief Executive.

And that they should then just arrest all of the leaders, expel the US State Department, shut down the CIA-backed publications, and tell these brats to go home and play video games like normal people.

Most of them will stop this charade as soon as the upcummies from the CIA stop flowing. If a few continue to riot, then you make an example of them.

I’d be happy to go be an advisor for Jackie after he takes over.